Why we loved them so much.

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    What we now have is to much time. We miss them and are lonely. In realtime grief, groups were the statements of how the marriage was expressed. As we tend to only know our own marriages it was engaging to hear what was so meaningful in other marriages. For me, it was ease of togeather. How fascinated I am by Kay's quality in personhood. Her humor, her kind treatment of others. Her love of life and culture. Both good times and hard times was the unwavering commitment. The laugh. The way of being in life what I would not have encountered otherwise. She contributed to our collective life in so many ways. We might be angry at times but a line was never crossed. I knew she had my best interest at heart and I knew how easy to please her. The range of life experience was so many. Behind all of it was the confidence we could handle it together. So should you feel inclined to share what were the qualities most loved in your marriage? Likely a long list but perhaps a few that made your marriage a treasure.
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