Safety Tips

This site has been designed to provide grievers with a safe and nurturing community of help and support. There is nothing more important to us than your safety, and for our part we will always do everything we can to maintain it.

With that in mind there are a few things we suggest YOU do to stay safe while utilizing these services.

START OUT SLOW - If you are chatting with a person online be careful how much you reveal about yourself in your early conversations. You should be able to find fairly instant and immediate support from one another without having to divulge your full name, where you live, phone number or any other personal identifiers. Though the timeline will be different for everyone, you should only reveal these things when you feel comfortable doing so.

MEET IN A PUBLIC PLACE- Regardless of how long you have chatted with someone, even if you have talked on the phone, please be certain that your first meeting (or two or three…) happens in a public place. It should be a place that is familiar, convenient and comfortable for both of you. If possible, make your first meeting in the daytime.

TRUST YOUR GUT - Though very subjective, there is typically no better indicator than our own instincts about whether a situation is right, honest, or safe. Be certain the person on the other end of the chat/phone/meeting doesn’t seem unnecessarily interested in pursuing personal facts about you. If you sense a person has misrepresented themselves, their situation, or is manipulating the conversation/meeting for a personal gain beyond the intention of connecting for grief support, it’s important to immediately discontinue contact with that person. If at any point you are uncomfortable with another member’s line of questions or suspect a member is not who they say the are or are using the site for purposes other than connecting with another griever, it is important you report them to the website administrators immediately.

Apr 4, 2016
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