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When you click on other users' profiles, you can learn who contributes the most content, and more importantly – see who is online at the same time as you. These are members who may be available for real-time conversations.





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Create a memorial to honor and remember your loved one. You can create a photo album and include stories, quotes and comments. You can also see how other members have paid tribute to their lost loved ones.



Updated every other week, our blog features articles aimed at educating and empowering those who are grieving, providing them information to help them understand their loss better.


Reading List

There are many books on grief and loss, and it can be challenging to decide which one is the most helpful. That's why we've included reviews and links to titles that many readers have found to be especially beneficial to cope with their grief. If you have a favorite book that isn't on this list, let us know. We're always looking to add to our resources.


Community Resources/Organizations

You might need more help than we can provide here. If so, visit these nationally recognized organizations. You may find more information specific to your loss, or learn how to get involved in a cause that honors your loved one's memory.