Learning Hub - Grief Courses for Self-Study

Grief in Common now offers online grief courses created for anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one. No matter who you lost, how it happened, or how long it is has been, these self study courses are appropriate for anyone who is grieving, and will address the unique challenges of loss with a wide variety of  topics.

Designed with a practical approach to grief, the goal of each session is to provide validation, education, and motivation, along with new insights, perspectives, and tools to promote true and tangible healing. 

Sessions include videos, articles, assignments and activities, and because there are no meetings to attend, it means you can complete the courses on your time, and at your pace. If further guidance or professional support is needed along the way, it's here and always available. 


This 6-part session is ideal for those who have experienced their loss within the past 13 months, this session will cover topics including:

  • Signs & Symptoms of Grief
  • Losing focus & concentration
  • Secondary Losses 
  • Getting a better night's sleep in grief
  • Coping with anxiety after loss 

Newly Bereaved 



This 6-part session is designed for those who have moved into their second year and beyond of grief. Topics include:

  • Healing through anger, guilt, regret & remorse
  • Sudden loss vs. life after caregiving
  • How grief changes us forever and for now
  • Coping with loneliness
  • Finding purpose after loss

Second Year & Beyond


As a compliment to the book, "The Grief Experience: Tools for Acceptance, Resilience & Connection", 16 of the 25 authors have created videos to expand on the stories and tools shared in their chapters.

This unique book includes all kinds of grief, including pet loss, the grief following divorce, Alzheimer's grief, and more. 




This is a one-part self study unit designed to help anyone who may be struggling with complicated grief, or feel their grief is somehow outside the realm of "normal". Topics in this session include: 

  • Disenfranchised grief
  • Grieving the relationship that never was
  • Resolving unfinished business after loss
  • Delayed grief
  • Is it grief, depression, or something else?

Complicated Grief & loss


This is a one-part self study unit designed to help anyone who may be struggling with grief during the holiday season. Topics in this session include: 

  • Gratitude & grief
  • Unique challenges of the holidays
  • Honoring our loved ones
  • Facing the New Year
  • Setting intentions & finding peace



This is a one-part self study unit designed to help anyone who may be struggling with the loss of a spouse or partner. Topics in this session include: 

  • Changes & challenges with loss 
  • Living alone, and how to deal with the empty spaces
  • Dating after loss? A conversation for everyone, regardless of where they stand on the topic
  • Caring for children, grandchildren and family 



The Learning Hub Grief Courses have been researched, written and designed by Karyn Arnold - Grief Coach and Founder of www.griefincommon.com. With almost 20 years in the field of grief and loss, Karyn uses both her personal and professional experience to develop content that resonates with grievers around the world. 

Some thoughts on the Learning Hub from members who have completed the self-study program:

"Thank you for putting your thoughts, knowledge, experience and ideas together.  I found this session to be very helpful simply by validating all of the things I have been feeling and thinking and wondering what was wrong with me."


"I love this independent study. I have gone to two separate grief counselors and I just didn’t feel like they understood what I was going through. This has been helping me so much."

"I cannot tell you how much this self study is helping me. Everything you are saying is spot on with how I am feeling or things I went through, such as anxiety and loneliness. I think there is a ton of misinformation about grief and people who really aren’t fully educated on how to help others. Your information has made me feel like everything I was feeling and am feeling was related to my grief and by working through it I feel like I am finally healing.  For the first time I feel like this is a temporary state that I can move through. Thank you!"

"I have really enjoyed the Second Year and Beyond.  I will continue to study and apply this program to my life.  The idea of validation of our feelings, thoughts etc. is so comforting."


"This is so powerful, thank you again for sharing your wisdom with us."


"This has truly been a transformative experience!"

Interested in learning more? This brief video will explain how the self study works, who can benefit, and how it can transform your grief while putting you on a path toward healing...

If you have questions about the program, or are currently a self-study participant and have insights you'd like to share, you can reach me anytime by sending an email to griefincommon@gmail.com.