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Seeking support specific to suicide loss for the first time

Discussion in 'Suicide Loss' started by Alexandra Maude, May 7, 2020.

  1. Alexandra Maude

    Alexandra Maude New Member

    Hello. My name is Alexandra. I have lost two close family members to suicide. My older brother passed at the age of 23 in 2011, and my father passed more recently in 2018.
    I'm finding myself with lots of time to be in my head these days, and everything feels a little heavier than it had for a while. I'm interested in group support. Aside from the family members that experienced these losses with me, I've not met anyone who has lost a parent or sibling to suicide, let alone both.
    I'm unsure of what else to say. I just want to reach out to those who may understand my circumstances.
  2. Klipstickk

    Klipstickk Member

    Hi Alexandra,
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I recently lost my father suddenly to suicide and it has been the hardest thing to ever deal with! But day by day it gets better. Just know that you aren’t alone.
  3. K4A6

    K4A6 Member

    I am so sorry for both your losses, please know I am here to talk if needed or just comfort you knowing (unfortunately) others are going through similar pain. The pain never goes away it seems :( I lost my father to suicide a few months ago. I find myself thinking of him constantly and subconsciously I have SO many triggers that bring memories and emotions. I struggle to share them with others to not be “negative” or “sad” around others. I see pictures of him and feel this weird wave of emotions, I am sad and confused a lot when I look at it. I am struggling as well, I have been journaling when these feelings bubble up. I write my questions to him, my sadness, almost as though I talk to him. I find crying and writing everything I think helps me down from these super deep painful moments. My thoughts are with you ❤️
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  4. paul tinker

    paul tinker Well-Known Member

    Sorry, all of you. I can imagine the unanswered questions and the pure shock of the loss. Some people's inner pain is so heavy.

    just sorry and wishing you peace in your lives.

    Paul M.
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