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    He was 77 and I, 62, almost a year ago. He was due to be transported to our hobby farm for palliative care for diastolic heart failure. We had had several hard years but the last two months had him using home oxygen and he got choked trying to eat which had us stopping by at the ER for an x ray. He was transferred to another hospital where he spent two weeks on a respirator but graduated to a regular floor and a stomach tube was placed to assist with swallowing until the problem was healed. So I was awaiting his transport to the farm when they called to say he had passed.
    We went everywhere together but he had to go without me. Fast forward to eleven months and I think I have about fully thawed from the shock by revisiting our last few years over and over again. I believe God has a place for the souls he made when they leave their body. It's like they are somewhere over the rainbow. But what about us that couldn't go and there is no place like home?
    We have abrupt new beginnings and truthful hope of asking our maker to make good on his promise to be a husband to widows.
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    Well, it is officially July 28, my one year mark! I am at home in our shared home and so many items we purchased at yard sales and various places as collections. Each one has a story, a day of memories! One of his buddies passed two days ago, a fire chief and hero...almost a year after Ted. So glad Ted did not have to face that. They had fire trucks lined up from town to town in our area in his honor. We loved him! A hero*
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    I noticed no one has responded yet to your post. I’m sure, like me, they don’t know what to say. As for me, I’m trusting in God to make good on His promises to us. I look forward to that place of eternity where your husband and my mother are now. Where they are in the presence of our maker.
    I wish you peace and blessings.