Miss the way things were.

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  1. Ray G.

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    That is what I really miss,
    the simple things like going
    to church with my wife then
    spending the day watching
    the golden girls. Doing our
    civil war hobby. Sofia and
    her friend Janice and I going
    to the botanical gardens in
    Dec. to see the beautiful lites.

    Alex N. Formerly Alex P.
    from St.Pete Fl. I can only
    hope there is a pot of boiling
    oil in the bowels of hell with
    your name on it for ratting
    out your sister. Telling the
    hospital she and I were not
    properly married. This EVIL
    act stripped away my rights
    as a husband to make sure
    Sofia was treated properly.
    Alex Panigotacos, Jesus knows
    what you did. How could you
    do that to your sister?