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Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by Kalimae, Jul 7, 2020.

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    I lost my significant other of 5 years suddenly to an automobile accident. We were not living together at the time due to alcoholism. He had been making improvements and hadn’t drank in over one month. We were in a good place. He was to move back in with me when his lease was up in October. He spent everyday he had off together. I was his beneficiary along with his mom. His mother did not include me in planning services and made me feel like I didn’t matter. In my heart I know Kyle loved me with his whole heart and would do anything for me. His mother also turned his coworkers against me. To my knowledge their relationship was rocky. He was my first love and he became a better man for me. I feel like I have just shut down and am not allowing myself to deal with emotions. He was my rock and helped me live my life to the best I could.
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    Hi Kalimae. I just lost my partner of 5 years also. I can't type much because I'm at work and if I focus on this topic for to long, I break down. You are not alone, there are others that feel the same grief and loss you do. I went back to work quickly hoping it would keep me busy and occupied. It's a slow day and I'm here with to much time to think and looking for support from others going through the same thing. This pain is truly unimaginable...
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    @Kalimae Hi, I lost my partner 10 months ago, we were together only for a year and a half but it was enough for me to know he was the love of my life. I can't imagine the pain of having his family not supporting you. I think you should concentrate on your mental health and accept the help you have, If there's people that are not supportive, ignore it. We sometimes have to let go people that won't be able to help. You need help to get through this and this group is great, we understand your situation and want to help. Anything you need, I am here.