Lost my husband suddenly on April 28,2019

Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by Beverly Sloan, May 16, 2019.

  1. Beverly Sloan

    Beverly Sloan New Member

    I feel lost, scared, alone. I cant stay at home. Where do I start. I miss him and all I do is cry,get angry and feel stuck. Is this normal.
  2. Renisea Avery

    Renisea Avery Member

    I lost my husband will be a year this at the end of this month. It been a long road because for me. My husband took care me because I am sick. He did lot ever thing for me. Along with the nurse coming for few hours to help. But I never think he would go before me. But I had to pull myself together and plain everything because I had loss my mother 4 yr ago she also help me. And my grandmother is sick. But to make a long story shrot. I had to relay on my faith. I really. Could not cry like I want to cause everyone was relaying on me. I am glad I am I had Jehovah. Because I was if was not for him I would have not pull it off. I have to stay busy. Not to stay I don't have my times.

    I want to give my condolence to the family. I am so sorry for the lost of your love one.
    May the peace of God that excels all thought I sustain and keep you during the difficult days head. – Philippians 4:7
  3. Laurie S.

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    I suddenly lost my husband in January, and had the same reaction as you. I could not sit still and would rather be driving around aimlessly than sitting by myself. I was fidgety, my hands shook uncontrollably, and I was angry and cried all the time. I started a new job, so now I work instead of drive. It doesn't change anything, because at the end of the day I am still alone, lonely and miserable. Your post made me feel more normal than I have felt in a long time.
  4. Beverly, it is very normal. I too could not stay home right after my husband died. I still feel very lost and scared and very much alone. It's been not quite two months. May 20th it will be two months. I was angry at first too - like how dare he leave me here and like when I see him he's going to get an earful. I still cry daily and my eyes are obviously swollen. I feel for you my heart goes out to you.
  5. WoodMan

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    I am so sorry for your loss. All your feelings are just what I’m going through. Just eight weeks ago my beautiful wife Mary to whom I was married for 47 years died of cancer. It seems like an eternity but it seems like it was only yesterday. I cannot come to grips with the fact she is gone. Bereavement group and grief counseling has helped. Nothing can take her place. I cry every day and pray that she will come back to me. I know how that sounds but it’s just the way it is.
    Everyone is telling me that I will work through this, but grief is work, and it sure is.
    I wish you the best !
  6. JohnFS

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    I hear you brother! Some people say that marriage is hard work, it never was for me and my Kellye; out of fourteen years we never had an argument our love for each other had the control; now there was a few time I would go out to my shop when the hormones got out of whack , but it was not hard for us but you could have never said any truer words than “ grief is work”! Hardest I have ever gone through in my life!