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    I lost my mother in 2001, Pneumonia while HIV positive, I lost my great grandmother in 2002, old age. In 2017 I lost my grandmother, liver failure. Just now, right now... today... my brother is critical... HIV positive with pneumonia, just like my mother. Im nursing him too. Im so scared right now. I pray and pray and pray for him to pull through but its not promising. Im tryinng to be positive but Im failing. Im scared... Im tired of losing the people I love. Im just so tired I dont know if I'll survive this one. I just need someone to talk to so bad. Its my first time here. Iim a woman aged 37
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    I'm here. I'll listen to you. I'm sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I'm so sorry for all of your loses and I will pray for your brother as well. I lost my mom and brother.. my brother died by suicide on September 23, 2018 and my mom died on November 2, 2018 from seizures that she never woke up from (she never had one before). I lost them both in 40 days... Please know that you are not alone...