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    I've never been on my own before. When I was little I suffered from a rare form of cancer and my parents and grandparents took care of me then he might tweens I had a spleen ectomy and my parents and grandparents took care of me then. I was just starting to get back on my own in high school when I started getting sick again and then my parents and grandmother took care of me. I needed a liver transplant at the age of 21 and people took care of me and then I met my husband at the age of 26 after recovering from a nervous breakdown and he took care of me took care of the bills balancing the budget. He was my rock when I had panic attacks and I when I went through my depression he opened my eyes to being able to stand up to people and try new things without being afraid but the one thing he never taught me to do was how to pay bills balance the budget and do things on my own. He left me with no insurance policy living in a hotel. Had to move out now I'm living with my parents, don't know where I'm going to end up next I feel lost with no worldly skills to run a household