How to cope with grief?

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    I’ve struggling with anxiety and depression for 15 years. I was in a toxic relationship but I was too lovestruck to notice how much damage and pain it caused me. I loved that person too much and now he’d left for just because I’d rather focus on my studies then deal with any more harassments. Having to be with a my partner for a couple years brings me so much pain because was never this way before. He was different, and now he’d changed( even he admitted he did and claims life changes a person.) I feel like a complete fool pouring my whole spirit onto him. The pain is unbearable, I’ve been trying to distract myself with upcoming projects- but I feel no joy in anything I do. I feel lost. I know I have so much ahead of me and a bright future without somebody leeching off of me, but how do I cope? Any advice.?
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    Cindy, thank you for reaching out, I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles and the challenges you've faced in your relationship. To clarify, this site has been designed specifically to address the needs of grieving the physical loss of a loved one following death. While I absolutely understand the grief and trauma that accompany the end of a relationship, the issues can still be very different. I mention this just so you understand when looking for support, this may not necessarily be the ideal place. I always say to people, there's nothing worse than going to a bereavement group and still feeling all alone and isolated with your problems. There are people out there who can relate to the grief following the end of the relationship but I'm not certain you'll find them within these forums. If you'd like help in locating other resources I will certainly do my best to help you with that. I wish you all the best in the days ahead~