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Discussion in 'Loss of Loved One to Violence/Murder' started by kls74, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. kls74

    kls74 New Member

    I posted quite a while ago about my mom being murdered by my father in law in 2018. They were just roomates and got into an argument. He hit her, she fell and hit her head. She was left brain dead and I had the difficult decision to take her off life support. He committed suicide right after the incident. She had told me that they had been arguing but i never thought it would turn to violence. I feel as if i failed my mom by not protecting her. I feel like she is up in heaven mad at me. I have no other biological family but my young daughter. I try to stay strong for her but the guilt is tearing me up. I know it is a stage of grief but i feel i cant get over it. My mom and i were so close and the thought of her being mad at me is the worst.
  2. Lady7blue

    Lady7blue New Member

    I was told that everyone is able to forgive in Heaven because they get to see that vengeance is left only for God. There is a Brian Fallon song on his new album Local Honey called “Hard Feelings” that might help you feel better. Your mom loved you no matter what here on Earth, I know it’s even amplified in Heaven. She can’t feel anger anymore.