Flashbacks to the hospital

Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by Sdoe, Aug 1, 2019.

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    I'm new here and still figuring out what to say or where to post...

    I lost my father suddenly two months ago due to a tractor accident. I keep reliving the whole event, from the phone call from the officer on scene to seeing my mother when we first got to the hospital... the emotions when we learned of the results of the cat scan....and so on for the two and a half days we were at the hospital before we removed the breathing tube.

    I came here because my doctor recomended I seek out a support group for grief and the feels (my wording for grief i guess...) hit hard today.

    A rift had formed between me and Dad in recent years and things were starting to improve, still I remember the last time I saw him was last September when I visited my parents. At the time we didn't know why a beloved bird was having neurological issues and i was a crying wreck most of the visit. We did play cards against humanity and he won at least one of the games...

    Most of the time I'm ok but the memories of those days at the hospital are...rough. that and still comming to terms with him being gone. How do others handle flashbacks?
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    That is a good question. My dad died in a hospital setting too and I have flashbacks all the time. Sometimes I get angry and embrace them and sometimes I just try to turn off the images and think of something else. It is too painful for the most part. I was with my dad when he took his last breath and it is beyond painful reliving that moment. I was there when he was holding my hand too. I wish I had a magic answer because I too and having a terrible time with the flashbacks. I am so sorry for your loss and know that you are not alone in your grief. It downright stinks.
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    Yup. It totally stinks. Reliving the final days is very difficult. But the comfort for me is knowing that there is peace. My mom suffered stage 4 and could not find relief. Palliative care was not a success for her. After she just had passed, all the pain and worry , hardships... were over. She was finally free. It showed in her face. So when I do flashback, I try and focus on my mom , finding the peace she were desperately searching for .