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Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by pamblanca, Jul 12, 2020.

  1. pamblanca

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    I lost my partner 2 months ago from accidental overdose. We were not married but we were together for 10 years. We had a business and we were working from home so we were together 24/7. Besides our work, we had all things in common from the type of music we love the to tv shows we watch. We were never apart except for some days where he had to go on business trips but even on those days we talk on the phone. I'm so used to him being there for me all the time. It felt like we will be together forever so the sudden loss just shattered me. I'm so lost right now. I had to let go of our business and now I dont know where to start. My days are so empty just staring at the tv feeling so alone. I wish someone can just tell me what to do. I cant seem to appreciate life at the moment.
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    I'm sorry for your loss. Its hard to see your purpose when youve lost a part of yourself. Sounds like yall have a lot of memories hold on to them. Your grief is recent so dont push yourself to do too much to fast. Noone can tell you what to do but we'll here to listen to and support you. Praying for you to have strength to get through this.
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    Thank you so much. Days are so slow and lonely. 9 months ago, my dad also passed away cancer. That was also tough but the loss of my boyfriend brought me so much pain. I dont know how I can get though this sadness.
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    I understand where you coming from. Grief seems to slow your life down. The only thing you can do is pray through it and take one day at a time. My fiancee and dad died almost 4 months ago. They died 4 days apart. I have two small kids that are my motivation. I miss them both but I feel really lost without my fiance. I feel I became a single parent in the worse way. I pray that you have strength to get through this.
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  5. Judy Kay

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    I lost my husband just a few weeks ao after op
    En heart surgery. He was hospitalized for 5 weeks and I was not allowed to visit because of the COVID 19 virus. I am looking for support during this trying time.
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    Judy Kay, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it is to loss the love of your life. I lost my wonderful husband to cancer in October 2019. It’s lonely, sad and miserable but I try to keep busy so my mind doesn’t think to much. Just taking one day at a time that’s all u can do to try to get through. God bless
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    I'm sorry for your loss. I pray for you to have strength during this trying time. Reach out anytime