Where are you from?

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  1. Kith_19154

    Kith_19154 New Member

    Born & raised in northeast Philadelphia now live in Newtown pa
  2. Moocher

    Moocher New Member

    Western North Carolina
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  3. Madcowpro1980

    Madcowpro1980 Member

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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  4. Lebokat

    Lebokat New Member

    Heyy , speaking of letting more people into the circle. I'm new here. My name is Zainab and I am based in South Africa. I found you through my AI who suggested that I join online support groups for different griefs that I am facing. I am glad I listened and I would be delighted for new friends and support. Can't wait to explore this healing journey with you guys
  5. LostThomas

    LostThomas Active Member

    I live 'a changed life' now in Chesapeake, Virginia. I was born in Kansas City, Missouri. Decades ago, I bought a one-way plane ticket to Denver where I wanted to live. I had $150 in my pocket and spent my first night in a downtown Hilton hotel. Young, and mostly hopeful to go with stupidity, with no transportation and no job, I made one phone call the following morning and got a job interview. It took me 3 hours of bus rides to get to the interview where I refused to take no for an answer. The next day I signed a 6-month lease on a studio apartment for $110.00 a month with nothing but the clothes on my back and a small suitcase. My hotel bill was $30.00 for 2 nights and my rent for a partial month left me about $25.00 and I had to take a 30-minute bus ride each way to my new job. It paid weekly, thank God. I spent 3 years in Denver loving every minute of it, until I decided I wanted to go to Alaska. I didn't have any way to get there so I asked the Navy to send me there. I got what I wanted, a free trip to the Aleutian Islands a whopping 1,200 miles away where you were lucky to see the sun once in a month. It was the best year of my life. When the Alaskan year was over, I asked the Navy to send me to Europe. They gave me orders to Japan. I wrote to my congressman to complain and made my case for why it was cheaper to send me to Europe instead. They sent me to another island, this time off the coast of Italy. From there Virginia became home. It took me 5 years to get here but I don't care if it takes 50 years, I'm not going to eat grits. I don't even know what a grit is, but I've been saying no for 47 years so far.

    I'm here now, to listen to you for as long as it takes. I am so sorry for your loss.
  6. Karyl

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  7. MHenry

    MHenry Guest

    Ontario, canada
  8. SaltySoul

    SaltySoul Member

    I'm a 57 year old woman from Ontario, Canada :)
  9. MHenry

    MHenry Guest

    I'm 58 ...2.5 hrs north of Toronto
  10. SaltySoul

    SaltySoul Member

    Nice to meet you MHenry! I live 1.5 hours west of Toronto
  11. MHenry

    MHenry Guest

    And it's that season where we wait for the white stuff to come....
    Wish north america were smaller and we all lived closer to each other!
  12. shjailer19

    shjailer19 New Member

    Hello, raised in Wisconsin, live in Florida!
  13. Sraymond

    Sraymond Member

    I am from Caribou Maine. I was just in Bangor last week for work.
  14. April01803

    April01803 New Member

    Palm Coast, FL
  15. MarieC

    MarieC New Member

    New to site. Lost my husband to suicide in April 2022. I am in Jacksonville, FL
  16. MsPacManAZ

    MsPacManAZ New Member

    Hello - I live in Glendale, Arizona (suburb of Phoenix). Originally I was an Air Force brat but have now be in AZ for over 30 years.