Where are you from?

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  1. Janiceanne

    Janiceanne Guest

    I am from Spartanburg South Carolina.
    Anyone near me?
  2. Janiceanne

    Janiceanne Guest

    Spartanburg South Carolina
    Anyone near me?
  3. Janiceanne

    Janiceanne Guest

    Where you in South Carolina. I am in Spartanburg. Are you near me?
  4. Janiceanne

    Janiceanne Guest

    I am from Spartanburg, South Carolina . Are you near me?
  5. Dawn5843

    Dawn5843 New Member

    I live near Port Charlotte Florida
  6. Cyndi69

    Cyndi69 New Member

    I'm in South Carolina, the Myrtle Beach area.
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  7. cjpines

    cjpines Well-Known Member

    I'm way over west in California.
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  8. Terri

    Terri New Member

    I am in Philadelphia PA
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  9. lbrearey09

    lbrearey09 Member

    I'm from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Beautiful area.
  10. Dylans.wife

    Dylans.wife New Member

    Kansas and Missouri
  11. Dylans.wife

    Dylans.wife New Member

    I'm from Kansas and Missouri. I buried my husband on Good Friday. We have two young kids, five, and three months. We only even knew he had metastatic colon cancer for about two months. When i got out of the hospital from having our son, he went in with abdominal pain. He was released with 3-5 years and lived two more months. I've been a stay-at-home mom and housewife for the past 15 years. I don't drive. I'm lost. My husband was only 37 years old.
  12. MarisolNY

    MarisolNY New Member

  13. MarisolNY

    MarisolNY New Member

    I'm from NYC. I lost my partner R.D. in October of 2022. He was in my life for 29 years, first as friends here in NY, and many years later we took that chance and became a couple. He moved back home to the West Indies after finishing his education. It was a long-distance relationship, and we had our ups and downs, but we worked hard to maintain open communication and we had a great relationship. Early last year, he suddenly announced he was going to retire which was a surprise to me because he loved his career and he was only 59 at the time. Because of the type of work he did, he said he ran the numbers and financially it made sense for him. I found it a bit strange but it was what he wanted and it freed up his time so we could travel more together. All of last year I noticed that he was complaining of being tired all the time and skipping meals - I asked him to see a doctor but he wouldn't listen. He spent the month of September with a terrible cold and complaining of body pains. Because of our distance, I couldn't go see him and he assured me he was fine and was feeling better. Then I couldn't reach him for days. He passed away alone in his home and wasn't found until a week later, before I could make it over there. I believe he was sick and kept it from me and the rest of his family and friends. I'm devastated. I miss him so much.
  14. Pilar

    Pilar New Member

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  15. cjpines

    cjpines Well-Known Member

    Anyone from northern calif?
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  16. Valkyrie93

    Valkyrie93 New Member

    Middlesex county Massachusetts
  17. ggilford

    ggilford New Member

    Hi, I’m from Houston Texas
  18. Kith_19154

    Kith_19154 New Member

    I am originally from Philadelphia, PA but now live in Newtown, P
  19. lbrearey09

    lbrearey09 Member

    I am in Quakertown, PA area. Grew up in Philadelphia.