Where are you from?

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    Hi Rob, I am also Canadian, are you anywhere near Toronto? I am an hour north , in Simcoe Muskoka.
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    Hi Gen03, I too am in Ontario, Canada. I'm new on here and I've checked out the live chat a few times but no one ever seems to be on. I'm sure there is a option to private message people but I haven't found it yet. Sorry I can't be more help. It's nice to see a fellow Canadian :)
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    Hello Gen, I am in the chat room often but randomly.It is a good place to talk about how you feel among others who understand and won't judge you. The room has been most active starting around 7:00 AM eastern time until after 9 or 10. and a small group in the evenings usually after 8:30pm. If you stop in please say Hi or leave a note and we will look for you. During the day it is random for people to stop in. HUGS and so sorry for your loss
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    Hi I live in NC near Greensboro. I just recently relocated here with work.
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    I am on the coast of North Carolina, but I do have a cabin in Maggie Valley. Where in Western NC are you?
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    I live in New Bern, NC
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    I live in New Bern. which is about 2 hours away.
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    I experienced a long ICU stay with Rob. Rob was put on the heart transplant list in January and we were so amazed when we got the call that they had a match for him in Feb.. He received his heart on Feb. 10th. He developed severe lung infections, ended up on dialysis, tracheostomy, and some many other complications. After 4 months of struggling we made the decision to bring on palliative care. Rob stated he did not want to continue like this and they removed the medications supporting his blood pressure, the dialysis and the breathing support. He died on June the 17th. We were married for 26 years and I miss him everyday. I have returned to work, but just don't know what my future holds without him. I dread each and every holiday.
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    Upstate NY in the snow belt. Just joined in October 2022.

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    Hello Y'all. I'm Tandy, and I'm from Alaska.
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    Las Vegas NV
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    Las Vegas NV
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    Eastchester NY just joined
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    I live in Austell, GA right outside Atlanta.
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  17. I live in Washington state and recently lost my dad after a long illness. Even though I was expecting he would probably pass within the next year, it was still a shock when it happened. I'm trying to adjust to life without him and navigate the rollercoaster of emotions; some days are very difficult. Have been reaching out to grief counselors; however, I have not heard back from anyone, so thought I'd join this site to connect with others who are going through similar experiences.
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    I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I lost my mom 9/5 and my husband on 11/6. I understand what you mean about difficult days. I am almost 3 months in on my mom's passing and not a month yet for my husband. I wasn't prepared for either. I am having the hardest time about my husband. I guess I thought nothing would ever happen to him and that he would always get better and come home. I feel like I can't accept that it really happened because in my mind he was too young, 52. I was also out if touch with reality about my mom because she came home from the hospital to do home hospice. She would be 83 on 11/30. I have always had a problem my whole life accepting death or when things would end or I would have to say Goodbye. I thought about going to a grief counselor but I didn't really want to hash everything out to someone and they ask me rhetorical questions. I hope we both find some support on this site. It has helped me some to read that other people are going through the same thing that I am going through.
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  19. Thank you for your reply. I understand completely, and I am sorry to hear about your mom and husband. I was somewhat prepared for my dad's passing, but it was still a shock when it actually happened; you know they're gone, but at the same time it's hard to wrap your head around. Even after almost a month, there is still a feeling of shock. Some things I remind myself of daily are that he was ready to go, I got to say goodbye, and he went peacefully. It brings me peace to remember those things on the hard days.
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    I live in Frost, TX which is halfway between Corsicana and Hillsboro on SH 22. I've been widowed twice - once in 1998 and again in 2020. Both marriages lasted 20 years, and both ended because of breast cancer. I have one daughter from my first marriage and two bonus daughters from my second one. The two oldest daughters have made me a PawPaw three times (1 girl and 2 boys). I teach high school English as a retire/rehire at our small but great high school.