Where are you from?

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  1. griefic

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    Something kind of neat has been happening on our site as we grow and expand...I see a lot of people posting where they are located, and searching for others who may be close by.

    For example: "I'm from St. Augustine, Florida. Anyone from my area?"...

    You see, that's the whole reason why this website was created. It's wonderful to find the support online and to be able to sign in anytime from anywhere and find others who understand. But we know that the loneliness in grief can be best combated when we get to spend face to face time with those who can relate to what we're going through.

    So let us know...where are you from? As this site grows and every day we add new members, there is a greater chance there is someone close by whom you may one day consider a friend.

    Post below and remember you can always do a search by going to "Make a Connection" and then "Find Others Who Are Grieving". For now you can search by state, but as we get bigger we will be narrowing that field down to be more specific.

    And don't forget, your safety is our #1 priority. We have safety tips on our homepage and I encourage you to review them here. http://griefincommon.com/pages/safety-tips/. Finally, remember that this site is always being monitored. Every post and every sign up is reviewed carefully, and we are constantly working to create an environment that is safe and comfortable for grievers to be. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to us anytime! You will get a quick response.

    Thanks, and remember to let other grievers know...where are you from? You may just find a new friend close by.
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  2. Nicole Evans

    Nicole Evans Member

    I live in the White Mountains of Arizona...the Pinetop/Lakeside/Show Low area. Would love to meet in person if anyone is interested.
  3. PhyllisG

    PhyllisG Active Member

    I'm live in Fairhope, Alabama, which is just east of Mobile, Alabama, on the Gulf Coast.
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  4. Janice

    Janice New Member

    I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina...anyone close by?
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  5. neurochild

    neurochild New Member

    North Bend Washington
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  6. Christina Wyman

    Christina Wyman New Member

    I live in the Poconos, Pa
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  7. Dianne De Mott Levi

    Dianne De Mott Levi New Member

    Oakland, New Jersey
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  8. Ann Mckay

    Ann Mckay Member

    I am in Tennessee
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  9. Milemile

    Milemile New Member

    I am on Long Island, NY
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  10. GotAngelzInTheSkyy

    GotAngelzInTheSkyy New Member

    I'm from Michigan as well.
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  11. Rob B

    Rob B Member

    Ontario, Canada. About an hour from the Bluewater Bridge
  12. Linda M

    Linda M New Member

    hey janice, i'm on the coast of nc in morehead city. would enjoy meeting you if you ever make it out this way or we could meet up somewhere between. i just read that the long island medium woman (can't remember her name at the moment) will be at DPAC in Durham in early April - would you be interested in going and meeting up in RDU area?
  13. Faith46

    Faith46 New Member

    I Live here in Pennsylvania Schuylkill County
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  14. Jdpatton

    Jdpatton New Member

  15. Suzetteg

    Suzetteg New Member

    I am from North Carolina. Love to communicate with someone from here.
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  16. Kay

    Kay New Member

    I am from Fort Worth Tx
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  17. Sdjs42216

    Sdjs42216 New Member

  18. kappie63

    kappie63 New Member

    I'm in the Central Valley of California
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  19. JaneMerrit

    JaneMerrit New Member

    I’m from Boston Massachusetts.
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