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What now? What do i do?

  1. How do you go on?

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  2. how do you fill the days

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  1. TammyP

    TammyP Member

    one week ago I layed my soulmate to rest. WHAT now? I'm 49....was with him since 17.
  2. Sheila512

    Sheila512 Well-Known Member

    You didn't give me much information but I will try and answer. You will grieve however you body dictates. You can not decide how to grieve. It was just happen. You will be understandably sad and angry. You will wonder how you will go on without your other half. You will , however go on. It may not be pretty but you will survive. You have to think about all the goodness he gave you. You need to write out your feelings, if you are a writer. I typed and cut and pasted an entire poster board with feeling for several months. I could look back and see how they went from desperate and destroyed to a glimmer of hope for a more normal life. If groups are your thing, then go to a support group. I am not a group person so I stick with this amazing website and the wonderful people here. I talk to and about my loss. I have his picture as my screen saver and I never hesitate to mention him if he comes to mind. We were together for a very long time and we were best friends. I still feel like I somehow let him down but I intellectually know I did everything I could to keep him content. He is not truly gone from your life. He is a part of you and you will carry him always. Peace. Sheila