We lost our honeybee

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    On 9/11/21 we lost my daughter Melissa. Her name means bee, and she has always been my honeybee. She had such a loving nature and aspired to be a social worker. Melissa was just 33 and has struggled with substance abuse on and off since high school. Her story is so tragic because we were making arrangements to get her the help she so desperately needed by getting her into a good program. She expressed how grateful she was for my help, and was looking forward to getting her life back on track. Arguments ensued between Melissa and her boyfriend about going into the program with out him. She was supposed to go to her sisters house on 9/10 before entering into the program. That day came and went, the following day there was another argument about her going. I think she was feeling so trapped in her abusive relationship she was feeling so much despair she resorted to hanging her self in the garage to ease here pain and suffering. As her dad I am heartbroken. This was so unexpected I’m still in a state of shock and it’s been two weeks, but now begins the long and painful grieving process. I’ve been through this before with the loss of my son. I’m so grateful for my support group, I know I couldn’t do this with out there help.