Watching Your Dad Die

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    Hi my name is Linda and I seen this sight and thought maybe it could help me. My dad got sick in 2015 no one knows why how when where. Not even the doctors could give us an answer. I watched him lose 60 lbs in three months and doctor visits hospital stays. Dec 14 2015 his was admitted to the hospital and I left work to find out what was going on. I stayed the night cuz I had a funny feeling. I left the next day when mom got back. I told him I love you Dad and would be back. It was the last time I heard my dad's voice. He coded out that night. My sister called me and I ran back down to the hospital. Test after test they couldn't tell us anything. Nor did they listen . I stayed when mom needed a break. And after 45 days we had to make a decision. I told my mom that she and dad had been married 45 yes she knew in heart what to do. But the kicker here is when she decided to take him off the machines the hospital called each of us kids for permission. Monday Feb 1,2016 we took him off. Minutes they said. Try like 2 1/2 hrs I watched my dad. When he passed I was holding his hand. I thought things would get easier I thought that it wouldn't hurt so much. I had everything. Finally after yrs of my life being shit and I finally found happiness and my dad could see me pull myself up and live right. Everything falls apart. I'm so bitter and hurt and mad to this day.