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    Hi Rose, I so agree, nature has kept me sane. Ron and I have always enjoyed watching birds, our second date was going to the beach. And yes, I live very close to many beaches. I live on an island, so many different bodies of water. As a child our family always had a boat. When Ron and got married we had a boat, kept it for many years. We’d go fishing and crabbing. I miss our relaxing or working in our yard together on weekends. My yard is a little too much for me to maintain but I’m trying. But it is my safe place. I wish that you lived close to the beach, even just sitting on a bench and feeling the sea breeze is so wonderful. I ended up at my daughters house today and I helped her with a few things. But it was pretty hot. We went up to 92°f today. Hope you stay cool. I’m finally going to rest. Robin
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    Good night Robin, sleep well
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    I wanted to say thanks for your kind words and I feel the same way when I stay in the spare bedroom ,you are so right about the honor ,we would have wanted them to do the same.My grandkids bring me joy that is priceless but there’s time when I think Gina you should be here to see this it’s chicken soup for the heart,take care.
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    Visits to our children and in your case grandchildren is healing even though we sure miss having our spouses with us and we would enjoy the visit so much more. I hope you make some new and special memories. Gina is watching, she knows. Enjoy this visit and take los of pictures. For me when I get home after a visit it can be hard for obvious reasons. But you’ll have the memories and hopefully pictures to enjoy. Robin
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    It's been a while since I have been on this site as well. Tomorrow will be seven months since my wife, Lizzy, passed. I miss her so much. When it happened I felt like all my nerves were exposed. The most comfortable things hurt. Everything hurt. July 8th would have been her 40th birthday and I am going to visit her sister in California. I know that trip will be bittersweet as well. Never did I think I would be visiting them without her. It is so hard. Wishing everyone peace.

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    Chad, it is so good to see you on here,
    youngest brother. Mostly, I've been
    talking with Gary. George is going
    through a rough time of mourning for
    Valerie. Lizzy has something in common
    with me. My birthday is on the Fourth of
    July. I think there's some truth to
    astrology. I know I would've gotten along
    with Lizzy, and so would Linda. In fact,
    Linda would've loved everyone on this site.
    Thank you for reaching out to TGW before
    your trip.My wish for you, is that it will be
    more sweet, than bitter. Looking
    forward to your account of the trip, when
    you return home.........Lou
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    Thanks for the reply Lou. I know it's been a while since I posted, guess I have going through a spell myself. I think you would have gotten a long as well. You both already like same Tea, Bigelow. I think that's right. I will definitely check back in after the trip.

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    Chad, thank you for checking in. I think your plan to visit Lizzy’s sister is a good idea. For Ron’s first birthday my daughter and I visited my son in FL. It’s hard. But I believe it helps. For me, coming back home to an empty house was very difficult. It could happen to you. But still worth being with family. When you feel up to it let us know how this visit went.
    wishi g you peace and strength. Robin
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    Wow, good memory about BIGELOW
    tea. I drink herbal tea,no alcohol. I've
    been having balance issues when I
    stand, probably due to my meds, which
    cause drowsiness. The good news is that
    my urologist will wean me off one of
    them. In the meantime, I go to a rehab
    center to see 2 kind female physical
    therapists. The first time I went , I told
    them I wanted to talk about Linda. who
    always came with me to any medical
    appointments. Then, I cried a little,
    before doing the exercises. Now, I can
    joke with them, and it feels good. I also
    go to a kind young female barber, and
    treat myself to a pedicure by a young married mother. I cried a little with her,
    too. Then, I laughed at the thought that
    Linda would probably say I was looking
    for female attention. But, like you, with
    Lizzy, no woman can replace the unique,
    warm relationships we had. I woke up
    way too early this am, & had to go back
    to sleep, I dreamt that I was massaging
    Linda's back. She had just had her hair
    cut & styled, and I kissed the back of her
    neck the way she liked.I said , "I miss
    you" , and woke up crying. Some days
    are better than others , Chad. Have a
    safe trip.......Lou
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