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    Since my wife died at the very end of the year, here I am in 2024 with several weeks of vacation time. I already took a week off to just try and deal.

    Any experiences of returning to favorite vacations spots without your significant other? I'm sure there would be sadness and missing and such, but I suppose the same could be said if going somewhere new and realizing you can't share that with them either.

    I could see just being paralyzed and doing nothing. So, go back to our favorites, and the places we visited while there, and try to enjoy? Go new places and try not to feel like you're betraying them by having new experiences without them?

    Like everything at this point, I just don't know.
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    I'm sorry for your loss. You're right doing both is hard. Going somewhere you've been before and going somewhere knew. Everything I male plans to do something with the kids it makes me sad because I know he's supposed to be there with us. I take comfort in the fact that he's there with us in spirit. When we went Orlando I wore a shirt with his picture on it and took pictures in it so he's in the pictures of our vacation. Going to.places we ate at was hard on me and took a while for me to go. I think all of it is bitter sweet and just take extra strength to get through. My kids even say wish dad was here with us when we go places so it's gone be hard just going through life without them. It's been almost four years for me. Time isn't making it easier but on some days I'm stronger to deal with it. Praying for your strength.
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