Two Years of Sucking Loss

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    I am here to hopefully connect with others that have suffered loss. I have had a bad run, over the past two years I lost my stepmother, who I always considered my mom. Less than two months later, I lost dad. Both were too young. During and after these losses, I lost two jobs and my income was cut by 50 percent. In November of this past year my cousin was killed in a car accident.

    The stress and demands that the losses and financial that was placed on my relationship of 5 years revealed that she did not want the responsibility of being in a relationship any longer.

    It was too much work and too and no longer fun. I was told to "take care of my shit" and to "be strong".

    In Feb, I was asked to move out. I lived in her 2 million dollar house and due to my parents poor planning, I was wiped out financially by their bills. I had no savings, no family...and no where to go and no assets. I lost the family and support I thought had replaced mine.

    I am now living with a friend, in a spare room. Grieving. Mourning. Recovering. Alone. My brother and sister and I do not speak. I am scared, I feel abandoned....I was never allowed to grieve during the last two years....too busy being strong as to not mess up what I had left. Now, I am grieving....all of it at once. I am angry I was with a partner that checked out at my most vulnerable time.
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