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    I lost my son, Dan in April 19th- he was away from his family in Denver living with his girlfriend. He was planning on coming back East this summer to show her Maine where we used to go... but his chest hurt then his heart stopped. We are waiting for the results of the autopsy. He had suffered from blood clots so we think it was related to that. I have lost another son in 2004, my husband in 2007 and son-in-law in 2010. My sister just died in November, so I am about as grief stricken as a person can be. It does hurt physically- and I am in a fog.
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    Hello Nan. I am so sorry for your many losses. I lost my son suddenly March 16, 2021, lost my husband in 2017, and my mom in 2014. My Dad also died unexpectedly in 2006. I am feeling alone, and the losses seem to just keep coming. I find peace k owing they are together. I just want them here!
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    I'm Truly sorry for all your losses, I can't even imagine. Bless you <3
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    Thank you, it means alot.
  5. My 23 year old son James died from suicide 4 years ago Monday. 7 months before that my dad died of COPD and 1 month before that my wife’s mum died of a brain tumour. That was the year my mum lost her ability to communicate due to Alzheimers. Thank you for sharing your history because it helps me to realise that I can survive multiple losses. I too am in pain and my head is foggy. I’m sorry you have lost so much.

    best wishes
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    I am so sorry about your loss of your dear soon. We also lost our son to suicide. These beautiful young troubled men gone. So hard to accept. God bless you.
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