Three months tomorrow...

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    Lucky me, I guess, to have that kind of dream.
    And I guess everyone us here have the same feeling to yours, losing the will to live. But you still have your kids, fight to live for them. They need you. Keep your faith to God, no matter how painful you are feeling right now. Always find your way back to trusting God.
    I know the grief. Be strong. Your husband is watching you for sure,he doesn't want you to be like that, that if he have a choice he won't leave you abd your kids. Our husbands is in a much better place, all their pains and sufferrings are gone now. We have to believe that.
    Keep on praying, God is good. Sending you my hug. Take care
  2. Thank you, Vv18, for talking to me.
    Yes, I know I will have to live for my children. I still have to do what is best for them.
    But I feel so alone in this, and so sad for them.
    They had this wonderful father, who would do anything for their happiness.
    Me and my husband were so much together in giving them the best childhood possible.
    But now, it is only me, that too burdened with hopelessness and pain.
    That scares and bewilders me.
    Sorry for the constant sad story, but it seems that I am capable of only this much now.
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    I also lost my husband five weeks ago today. He battled liver cancer for a year. He was my person and the love of my life. I find myself crying at different things like seeing his family member or looking at old photos . Just remember you are not alone in your grief. There are people like me experiencing the same thing you are going through. Sending a big hug out to you!
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    There are no words to express what I really want to say, but since words are all we have, I'm so sorry for your loss. It's nice to "meet" you, but I wish we didn't have to "meet" under these circumstances. I hope you'll stick around and continue to share more of your story with us. I've found that it helps being here, "talking" to others who truly understand the total heartbreak of losing someone who you loved, still love, with all your heart.

    Sending hugs your way, wishing you peace, all of us peace.
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    Nice to meet you too Ma'am.. I choose to personally message you instead to the public thread.. I'm sticking around Ma'am don't worry. You can message me anytime as long as I am awake.. It feels really good to talk to someone who really understood what we feel inside. Someone we don't even know personally but willing to listen, truly listen and give comfort and time.
    There's a reason for everything, why we all meet here.. I am a strong believer of Jesus, and I know this is one of His mysterious ways to give us hope, comfort..
    A lot of us here lost interest in life, feeling of doesn't belong, feeling of isolation.
    I feel those everyday Ma'am. The love of my life, my bestfriend, my enemy, my buddy, gone forever.
    Feel free to message me Ma'am.
    God bless and take care of yourself..
    Big hug
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