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    Hi Everyone,
    I tried to reply to posts last night also to greet those that are new to GIC and group here at Loss of Spouse. I
    was at a total loss for words, loosing our loved one Husband, Wife, Partner is the absolute worst time in one’s
    life. My heartfelt love, prayers, hope for everyone.
    I want to say Thank you to Karyn for getting this site on internet, I was so very Blessed to find it, I needed to
    look no farther, finding those here sharing their Love, Understanding, Support, helping one another along this
    journey, however long it is.
    Although I haven’t been able to come in like I use to,I daily continue to keep all those here in my prayers.
    I quickly picked up on something , Van Gough “Lou” a member here did in using a first name and that of our
    Loved one in introducing oneself and asking others theirs. “Thank you Lou”, hope you and others are doing ok
    as I missed seeing recent postings from you an many folks.
    My name is Patti, my husband name is Jack, i will share about the past a bit. Jack was 57 when he was diagnosed
    with horrible Parkinson’s disease. I was 54.
    ( He had to retire from a job he loved, electrical engineer, being a Veteran, he was so proud to be a part of those to
    help build and support our military planes, yep, proudly serving in USAF.)
    Jack suffered with Parkinson’s for 24 years after Specialist finally dx’d him with PD.
    It was necessary for me to take over with keeping up our home and thru years helping Jack I learned how to do electrical work, plumbing, whatever fell upon me and was needed he was a Great teacher ( at times a wee bit impatient, but always told me (“we’re a great team.”) We always Believed God brought us together. Blessed 61 years together. He is with me not
    Physically but spiritually every moment of everyday.
    As his disease progressed, Jack fell and suffered traumatic brain injury, his last nine years he needed my total care around the clock, ( it took me four years after he transitioned for me to recall what our life was like prior to PD,) I don’t want to
    allow myself to think on those nine years, except yo give thanks to God each and everyday now for all the strength to do what was needed, keeping me healthy to do so.
    I prayed for someone to come into our life to help keep up everything there was to do outdoors, thankfully was able to hire
    a young man Raul. He was a Godsend. He called me Mama Patti, and hubby Papa Jack. Raul phones me every week, or every other week.
    Jack left my arms at home on November 7, 2016 to be united with God. Sadly at the very same time my only brother was laid to rest, he passed the week before Jack.
    It is Seven years today on 14th. I had made arrangements to see and visit Jack, I am thankful I did, it was the hardest time
    In my life, very first thing I did was kiss him, visited with him and stayed long tim, I needed to do this, when it came time to leave, I took a tissue placed it upon his lips and kissed him, I saved this and have it in my Bible.
    I only recently have been able to speak like this, last night for first time openly sharing with a close friend by text, like I am now with each of you.
    To those whom have read this, I want to say there is NO TIME LIMIT IN GRIEF, IT TAKES AS LONG AS IT NEEDS TO, we are all different and Grief is different for everyone, it sure doesn’t make it any easier, I feel a contentment in my heart today
    and am so thankful, Thank God. Jack and my upcoming wedding anniversary will be 68 years, but like our age it’s a number
    It’s the wonderful love we were Blessed to share with our soulmate, we’re FOREVER within our hearts together for
    “Yesterday,Today,Tomorrow, Forever.
    Sending big hug, love, prayers to everyone here, in closing Thank you Karyn, your helpers to keep GIC on line for
    everyone .
    Blessings always, Patti
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    Dear Patti, I wish you were near me, I would just give you a big tight hug. Reading your beautiful words this morning, this 15th November, marking three years since my life was transformed from a "life" to an "existence", which is what I call it now. My soulmate, best friend, the one and only person who loved and cherished me more than his own self, who made me a better person, gifted me with two children who mirror him so much, giving me comfort and hope to go on. Your words moved me to tears, telling us about how you lovingly cared for your husband over those last years, you were absolutely marvelous looking after him during that terrible illness. You are right, he will always be with you, in a different way. That special bond cannot be broken, the spiritual connection is eternal.
    I'm grateful for this site too, which is the only place we can share and release our pain, knowing that everyone relates and can understand us with total empathy.
    Bless you too, Patti, and thank you.
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    Patti, while all of our stories are different and our grief is different, there is always a common theme of love and commitment that stands out. You sacrificed your own life for the benefit of his for so many years with no expectation of gratitude or acknowledgement for your commitment. You never even saw it as a commitment. It was the natural outflow of your love for him. I hope that as time passes you will reflect upon all those years of devotion to him and realize how much you gave of yourself and how much it must have meant to him to have you by his side through all those years. Jeff.
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    Happy anniversary, Patti. I always love seeing you've had a chance to drop in. ♥️
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