The month of January sucks

Discussion in 'Loss of Sibling' started by Gemmarie, Mar 5, 2020.

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    My older sister was my hero as a little girl and now she is gone. On January 17, 2020 she committed suicide by jumping off a bridge into the Missouri River. I've tried to keep in touch with the state troopers but they haven't called me back in 3 weeks. They haven't found her body so she is considered 'missing' until it is recovered. The search has been off and on because of bad weather. This death came 9 days after the 14 anniversary of the death of our mother. That was also a shock as she was in a car accident. I feel my grief has only just begun. I'm the baby of all my siblings, step, half, even a brother I just found out about. Yet I'm the one in charge of all of her estate and what is to happen to her only child who is 17 years old. I'm doing all this from Illinois and she lived in Missouri. She told her son I didn't want him so that is part of why he doesn't want to stay with my family. I feel like crap, I'm depressed, mad and hurt. The month of January sucks.
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    Gemmarie, Being without your sister, and one who you looked up to no longer being with you has to be heartbreaking to say the least. Not having the answers you need so badly is even more shattering. So sorry you have to face this agony.

    It is understandable how heavy this burden is to have been placed on you. I know life can be cruel at times, and answers we seek escape us. But please don’t ever give up. Just do the best you can, that is all anyone can ask of you.

    Only time is going to heal your broken heart and troubled mind. Just keep reaching out, talk, releasing those pent up emotions that hold you back at times. You are not alone in your grief. There are others here who have also lost loved one(s).

    Peace be with you tonight. Just take it slowly.


    This song is for you and the one you lost