The losses and trauma I have experienced over the last 6 years

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    I am going to be touching upon a lot here, but you need to know all the tidal waves of loss and trauma I have experienced over the last 6 years to know where I am coming from:

    • Friend and mentor Karen Iwamoto to cancer, 2017 (expected)
    • Good friend Gardner Chappell to cancer, 2018 (expected)
    • Grandfather I never got the chance to meet (story attached) to serious injury and coma, 2019
    • Uncle Doug (maternal uncle) to Lewy Body dementia (history of dementia on maternal side), 2021 (very unexpected, he declined fast after COVID)
    • Uncle (in law) Phillip to kidney disease, 2022 (expected)
    • Dad, Lewy Body dementia (don't know about any history of dementia on dad's side, know very little about paternal side), 2022
    Non-loss trauma:
    • All around the same time in February-March 2018 (triple trauma)
      • Finding out grandfather was still living and had started new family (narrative attached)
      • Loneliness of living in Alaska and possibility of long lost sister (narrative attached)
      • Finding out Doug had Lewy Body dementia
    • The government shutdown of 35 days from December 2018 to January 2019 (lots of idle time, loneliness, little to no social interaction, in Anchorage during the dead of winter)
    • The Bureau of Land Management move out west and the monumental professional and personal stress my colleagues faced, 2019 to 2020 (background info here: https://publicland.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Relocation-of-BLM-Headquarters-2021-05.pdf)
    • The pandemic (being exiled from Washington DC back to Anchorage, returning to a different place than I left when I went to Washington DC
    I know this is a lot, and it would test the mental limits and strength of even extremely resilient people. My entire world and even what I thought I knew about my own family has been completely turned on its head.

    Anyway, here is why I am in this group. The loss of my dad is the most immediate topic, but there is so much more that preceded it.
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    I am sorry for all you have been through. Sorry no one has responded. We do care.
    Stay in touch here.
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    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences of loss and trauma. I'm sorry these things have happened in your life. I know dementia can add many layers of pain, loss and grief to the more "obvious" loss when this person /parent dies. I can also relate to experiencing multiple losses.
    What kind of things do you like to write?
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    Liz from Ontario, just woke up around 7am, my time, on the northern coast of
    Massachusetts ,and saw you reaching out
    to young Joe Writer , who I didn't know,
    and to others , who had actually written
    posts in the past, but disappeared. Bc I
    don't own a pet, I can't quite relate. But,
    can you tell us a bit about your fiance,
    his name , and age? Both you and Joe
    Writer are a lot younger than I am, at 72.
    My wife, Linda, died suddenly, in front of
    me, at 68, after 25 yrs of marriage. That was 4 yrs ago, and a lot has happened
    since. I moved out of the city we were
    living, to a small, friendly town. I made
    new friends, and lately, have met
    women ( but no one girlfriend ) with whom to go dancing. But, I still think of
    Linda , mostly every morning , and cry
    occasionally. So, I've decided to rejoin a
    widowed persons group. I had left it 4 yrs
    ago, bc I was the only guy, and it didn't
    feel right. Now, I will go with 2 male
    friends. I've become close to 3 "brother"
    widowers on Grief in Common ( GIC) :
    Gary, from Indiana, George, from
    Illinois, and Chad, from Texas, and many
    widows: Robin ( RLC), from Long Island ,
    N.Y., Karen, from California, DEB, from
    South Carolina, Bernadine, from Oregon,
    Rose, from Italy, and others. Welcome,
    Liz. I know you're a good listener, as are
    all the kind people here. I hope you stay
    with us. Lou
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    Hi Joe, Grief seems to harbor in us at times. Then as new losses happen, they all spring up to the surface again.
    My Dad died 50 years ago when I was 17. It was devastating. I had one counseling session after he died and remember what the therapist said:
    "Some days the sun will be out, and some days will rain." Geez, is that all you can tell me? It was true, but it was not helpful.
    I am heartbroken over a significant other that died 16 years ago but I just found it. So to me it is a current loss.
    You have a lot going on. I hope you find what you need here in the group. Thanks for sharing your story.
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