the loss of my grandma 40 days ago.

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    I lost my grandma exactly 40 days ago.We were really close. She was one of my favourite people. She was really cool in her own unique way. I'm in college and this year I'm giving some really hard and tiring exams that require literally all of my time, so I hadn't had any time to grieve. I try to be there for my mum cause she lost her mother so I don't cry in front of her and I try to show her that I'm OK, but I really miss her. I just really wanna see her, talk to her even just for an hour. The first moth after her loss I was so shocked and had so much studying so I hadn't realised it, but now maybe it's worse that it was before. I miss her and I think about her all day. And of course, I can't imagine what it's like to lose your child or your parent or a friend and I understand that this is how things should be, but she was more than a grandma to me.
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    I am sorry for the loss of your grandma. Do you have any ideas of what can help you express your grief? It must be very hard to want to have a conversation and she is not there. It must also be hard to try to put on a brave face to help your mom. I hope you find some support for you, also. Sending a virtual hug.