The anniversary of my son's death

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Ann, Jul 25, 2016.

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    Dear Darling Mother,
    I am so sorry hon. There is simply no way to prepare for the sudden death of your your child. July 3, 2017 was the 2nd year for my daughter's death age 30 and my only child. Her father was not an active prescence in her life, nor positive and he his death was traumatic for her. Other untimely deaths preceding hers as well. My brother age 50 and my Mother in Feb only 4 months prior to hers. We were so close.
    I chose to spend July 3 as a day of rememberance. My 2 living siblings live out of state but neither called or texted me. That hurts. Even my best friend & college roomie from yrs ago does not understand fully and says things that are hurtful. I forgive them all but I'm considering providing them with grief info. It's their loss as well and while I feel for them, I'm the one who lost my sweet girl and feel very isolated and alone.
    I am simply not able yet to re-create!a new life and considering garrick counseling. I feel no need to defend myself but I'm finding daily chores impossible to accomplish, I've had fun days, yes, but always seem to backtrack to time square one. The info here validates many of my feelings and I'm stubborn enough to challenge to not accept guilt trips from anyone who says from anyone who tell me what I should be doing or worse, that my lack of progress is a sin! Igers is a sin. UT it street doesdoes hurt. . .
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    I am sorry for your loss. When I lost my son I died too. I am like you right now. It’s been 4 years and I have forgotten how to live. Nothing interests me or motivates me. I don’t know how to live again. I will keep you in my prayers and please now that you are not alone feeling the way you are. I am too.
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    I just passed the 7 year mark of the anniversary of my only childs death. I live in a community where there are no specific child loss groups with in 100 miles. While I have been surrounded by loving family, I have never felt so alone in my life. The first two years were hell. the next few were a little less. the last few have been a little better. Recently a gal I worked with a few years ago reached out to me asking for local support groups for parents who lost adult children, and my heart broke for her when I had to tell her no. It prompted me to post on the local Facebook Community Page if any one was interested in getting together and sharing our stories. I started a Facebook Page and have had 24 people within a 40 mile radius join. But very few have interacted. I would really love to be able to correspond with, and share stories with others. and support, and get support and not feel so... isolated. But maybe that is just part of this journey. My child was ..... my world.

    if there is one article that I recommend for any one, it is ;
    I have read this one, over and over.
    I know we all process our grief differently. and I know none of us are wrong. We have the right to walk to the beat of our own drum. I am just not sure what my beat is yet. and its been 7 years.
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    Thank U thank U