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Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by Colleen Harris, May 13, 2017.

  1. Colleen Harris

    Colleen Harris New Member

    Makes me sad when I see couples out eating holding hands
    Seems like you have a lot of support in the beginning but as time goes on it is less
    I try to get out when asked by friends but sometimes I tell them I am busy even though I am not doing anything
    Everything is so different
    Feel lost

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  2. DeeDee

    DeeDee New Member

    I can relate because I do the same thing sometimes when my family and friends ask me to go places with them. I am so use to me and my husband going places together or relaxing at home but not it just so lonely without him the past three months. the 26th of May will be 3 months. I feel lost. God Bless You Colleen
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  3. Colleen Harris

    Colleen Harris New Member

    Thanks for sharing
    God bless you too
    My email is colleenccook@icloud.com
  4. BethAnn

    BethAnn New Member

    wow I thought it was just me.People dont know what they have I am jellies of them still have what I had and I miss it so much just the things we did as a couple
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  5. BethAnn

    BethAnn New Member

    big hugs here for you Myhusband passed in Dec May 26th was my 39 th birthday
  6. Labyrinth

    Labyrinth New Member

    yes. i feel the same. so lost. all the things we used to do that i took for granted. silly little things. walking around home depot holding hands, talking about all the ways to make the house look nice. just sitting in the den, watching mindless television.
    my husband left Jan 12.
  7. Linda

    Linda New Member

    The world and friends look at you differently after you loss your spouse. I sometimes feel invisible due to this new role that I am getting used to. Friends do start to drift away, your loss makes them feel vulnerable in their own lives and it is easier to say "I think about you often" rather than reach out and contact.
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  8. BethAnn

    BethAnn New Member

    I miss Chilton he was a good man 40 years old is to young to loose your life to cancer.Now I have to learn how to move forward
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  9. MJ Tan

    MJ Tan New Member

    Hi Collen,
    I have the same feeling. I do not want to see any one.