Sudden Deaths within 6 months

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by Oyin, Jul 14, 2022.

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    I lost my favourite niece in January as she took I'll suddenly and died within a few hours. It really hit me and the rest of my family hard. The 6 year old just snuck away on us leaving us with no opportunity to try to save her. My mom was the worst hit. 6 months later ( last week precisely) I lost my sweet mom. She had aorta aneurism. She had been very active during the day from early morning mass to visit to friends etc. And I am still wondering 2 sudden Deaths in 6 months. It shouldn't happen to anyone. This was what brought me to this group. I and my family crave your prayers at this difficult time.
    Thank you.
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    Ovin, HUGS and so sorry for your losses. This is a good place to talk with other who understand and not judge you for anything you say. HUGS and I hope you can find peaceful moments in your day. If you feel like talking come join us in the chat room. Prayers & HUGS
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    I am so very sorry, Oyin. That is a LOT to go through....my heart goes out to you and the rest of your family. Sending you all good thoughts & prayers.
    Hang in there. I'm glad you're reaching out to groups like this. Maybe there are some local ones near you, too. You could ask at your church and/ or
    call the social worker at a local hospital to recommend grief support groups near you. It looks like this site has some online grief meetings, too.
    and like the other poster said, they have live chat on here (it costs a little bit, but not much). I've signed up for it and it's a good thing; other people
    on there you can talk to even in the middle of the night, when sometimes it gets harder. I haven't been on there lately but will probably be going
    back on soon, as I just had another loss besides my brother, a couple of years ago.

    You are right; two big losses in six months is something no one should have to go through. And both unexpected, so that makes it even harder.
    Please take care....it's one little step and a time at this point, for you....try to eat, get some rest, and stuff like that because your mom would want
    you to. Sending you my very best....SallyD