Struggling with the holidays

Discussion in 'Loss of Spouse' started by Hami1212, Dec 11, 2023.

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    Michael, You are in my prayers. That’s a lot all on top of each other. I love how you decided to make each day a little bit of a holiday! And that you plan to continue that tradition. How special you both are. You may have mentioned but may I ask how long you and Edward were together. I’m sorry you each grew up under such difficult conditions, but it’s wonderful how you were able to overcome in your own way. January and February are especially difficult months for me as well. Many losses during those months and birthdays of people I’ve lost but the main two are Valentine’s Day of which we celebrated simply but with traditions, I baked a chocolate heart shape cake for Ron every single year since I was 16. And Ron feigned surprise. Ron bought me jewelry and chocolate and we made dinner together. The second date is February 27th being Ron’s birthday.
    Wishing you and all GIC a better New Year!
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    Hello Robin, thank you for your prayers, and you have my prayers as well. Ed and I were blessed and blissed to be together for 30 years. When we were younger we went on so many adventures, we didn't let any 'normies' tell us what we should be doing(buying the house, building 401ks, that all came later). Our bond was and is unbreakable, I still sit for a few minutes each day and make a conscious connection with him (usually holding a pillow or something he made for me). I don't cry as much as I used to, and sometimes I feel like he'll give me an answer to a question I might have. I also hear him in the house, bumping around - he was a bit clumsy lol.

    Can you imagine if Ron and Ed never came into our lives? We all had many years to laugh, learn, and love. Ed helped me evolve into the person I am today, and now I'm evolving again into a new person, without Ed, my rock. I wonder sometimes, wherever he is now, if he misses me as much as I miss him...

    Sending strength and Light to you and yours for this upcoming New Year.

    ~ Michael
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    Thank you for the prayers Michael, and for sharing that you and Ed had 30 wonderful years together. Like I keep saying. Forever wouldn’t be long enough. I can tell what you two had/have is very special. Ed misses you I feel certain. That’s why you feel his presense, it’s why you hear him in the house He’s letting you know he’s still with you and that he’s ok. Some people might think I’m crazy and I’m ok with that, but Ive had conversations with Ron. I’ve seen him and he has walked right through me. The energy I felt when he walked through me was amazing. It’s all pure bliss. That’s the best way I can describe it. He has talked me through projects I have no place even trying but come up successful. Ron and I experienced my parents visiting us after they each passed. That made us have the conversation to do our very best to let whoever was still here, let them know we’re still with them. Do whatever it takes. I saw Ron within hours of his passing. Ed will answer questions. As long as you’re open to it, it will happen. I can’t even imagine not having Ron in my life. I’d still be searching because we were meant for each other. The same for you and Ed. You were meant to be.

    Our lives have changed but they are each still with us. Still guiding us, the love never goes away. Everything is different and yet the same if that makes sense. The bond never ends.

    Ron was taken from our beautiful life 5 years ago. Right now I’m missing him more each day. Two years again I was feeling much stronger then today. This journey changes as we try to gather the strength to move forward. It’s just how it is and I just keep trying. I know that’s what Ron wants for me. I still want him to be proud I’m his wife. Ed wants that for you as well. And all our friends on GIC, they’re loved ones want nothing but the best for them.

    we have a new year coming, I wish you strength, peace and light as well. And to everyone on here.

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    Thank you for sharing this Robin. I wish I had that conversation with Steve, but he has left me many messages and visited me in my dreams as well. It doesn’t completely erase grief, but it’s a comfort to know that he still exists. I highly recommend Netflix’s Surviving Death series.

    I wish all of you a happy New Year, and a growing peace in your peace journey. It is not easy, and there is no clear end or path. But it does bring together wonderful people who share love and comfort while seeking healing.
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    Sending a big comfort hug to all my friends, wishing you a peaceful new year.

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    A Blessed New Year for all, fingers crossed for the happy part, eh. lol

    ~ Michael
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    You’re welcome Deborah. I’m glad Steve has left you messages and he visits you, it’s very comforting. I felt Ron’s presence help me through the holidays. Such a difficult time of year for us all. I will look into the Surviving Death series. Thank you.

    Wishing all GIC friends a happier, stronger and healthy 2024!
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    Changing holiday traditions have been helpful for me. A vacation instead of being home on Christmas Day has been wonderful.
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    Robin, thanks for your exciting words. The mystic plays a larger part of all this life & death stuff, we all can experience it however we choose, or choose not too. I sit for a few minutes each day and make a conscious connection with him, that feels good.

    Thank you again for sharing your story and your strength with GIC. You're a gem!
    ~ Michael
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    Thank you Michael. I love how you make that conscience connection to Edward. I do that sometimes but lately I wait for Ron to send me a message.
    I hope your doing well.
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    Very well said. Sorry for your loss
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    Thank you @Chris M 2000, sending you my deepest sympathy too, I've read your previous posts.

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