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Discussion in 'Suicide Loss' started by Quiana P, Aug 10, 2022.

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    I received a text message from my younger brother on June 27th 20022 saying that he loved me, and to take care of his daughter. I didn’t know what to think of the message other than, my brother was just being random or something, but I was in for a big surprise. On June 28th, he was found dead in his car. I know it was a suicide but I don’t know in which way he chose to end his life, I still do not want to know. I had no idea my brother was suicidal. What makes someone suicidal? Why do they feel like that’s the only way out? I’m just looking for answers because though we were close, he never shared that part of his life with me.
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    I am sorry for your loss. I am glad you are sharing your feelings and asking important questions.
    In my opinion, someone takes the way of suicide because they have lost all hope. People with severe depression problems think they can't cope with the emotional pain they are going through any longer. They may be suffering severe panic or anger attacks that come from out of nowhere.
    And then if they do seek help, it is so so hard to find someone who cares for them more than for the money.
    There is so little help for those who are severely mentallly troubled. If the person is not a threat to themselves or someone else, they are just released from care.
    May God help you to find peace even in your difficult circumstances.