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  1. Rose69

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    Thank you, I find these quotes you post very beneficial for my daily thoughts as I continue navigating in these rough seas that on certain days seem like tsunamis.
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  2. Van Gogh

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    Nicole, when I go out dancing and hear
    live music in the bars ( though I stopped
    drinking), I think of you and Kenn, and
    wished Linda & I could've visited you in
    Oregon to see him play . Our first date
    was at The House of Blues. I'm finally
    able to dance with other women in front
    of blues. & other bands, like country. Linda
    wanted me to be healthy & happy. Lou
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  3. eyepilot13

    eyepilot13 Well-Known Member

    Greetings from cold and grey Lombardville in Illinois. Glad you like the art. At least I'm into art still!
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  4. cjpines

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    G, Your art seems to be taking on a new flare. Some new energy I'm seeing. Hum!
  5. eyepilot13

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    Thanks! Thatz good to hear! Cloudy and cold again today!
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  6. Rose69

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    Same here. That nasty Northern wind just won't leave us alone. Apparently at Easter we're going to have very cold temperatures, ten degrees less than we had at Christmas/New Year!!!! The climate's gone mad.
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