So sorry for your loss.

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  1. Vicki

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    I agree with you JoJo. What's the plan? What good can come from this? I hate it when people say, he's in a better place. No he's not, the better place is here with the kids and I. My husband died from an extremely rare,fatal brain disease, called CJD. Only 1 in a million get this. Why was my husband the 1 in a million? I have so much anger towards God. I blame him for my husband getting this disease. It's been a year now, and I can honestly say, time does not heal all wounds.
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    Hi, I also lost my husband of 53 years to liver cancer on June 8, 2016. Some days are bearable but I am so lonely.
    I have a wonderful family who are very helpful but I find meals alone and the hours before bedtime the worst. I also have some sleepless nights and am tired all the time. I am praying talking with others in similar situations will bring some comfort.
  3. Lisa B.

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    I too feel very overwhelmed. I am fortunate to have good friends supporting me, but sometimes I still feel so alone. I love what you have written ... "I keep treading water and I have not drowned." I know that I will survive, but I am exhausted from swimming. Thanks for your encouraging words.
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  5. Julie

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    Hi Lisa - I am glad my words helped, I have completed 3 months of grief counseling with a therapist during the summer and I completed a group counseling program in September thru November called Grief Share - it was probably the most painful thing I ever did, but it helped me so much. I will never forget my wonderful husband and I miss him so much, but I am more at peace now. I prayed to God to give me peace for the pain, persistence, perserverance, and patience to go on. He also gave me grit, gut, and gumption and a lot of gratitude for the wonderful life I had with my husband and the wonderful friends, pastor and the Grief Share Program through a local church. I recommend it highly, may God grant you all of the things he gave to me, peace be with you my friend. In Grief share we had to learn how to lean into grief, survive it, and reach the other side of the huge river of grief, I think on most days I have come so far. My best to you...I have a saying..."have patience, the storm will pass, and spring will surely come again." Julie
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    I lost my wife and soulmate of 24 years November 10th, 1915.
    Just days after the anniversary of the day we met.
    Her birthday is this Thursday.
    Add in the holidays and it's a rough time.

    I take splice in knowing it was her time.
    I may not like it nor understand why but I know God had it in his hands and at his time.
    Kind of like the old movie "The Time Machine" where the main character lost his fiance due to a shooting during a mugging.
    He traveled back in time to prevent it and brought her to a different part of town to avoid the mugging, But she died anyway from a freak accident.
    We have a set time, but our actions can influence the how.
    And the devil uses the how to try to break us down.
    I see my life as three distinct seasons.
    My childhood through military years was pretty Angie.
    It's when God was preparing me to be her soulmate.
    The 24 years we shared was my life.
    The time that God allotted me to build my castles in the sand.
    And now.
    I know I'm destined to walk this season alone with no distractions or ties so that I can serve him.
    Call it endentured servitude in repayment of the blessings he already let me enjoy.
    I think grief in a way is pressure pains from the buildup of such strong love with no outlet anymore.
    But I think that living more fully, be it to existing loved ones, or strangers,
    Let's off some of that pressure for a moment.
    And I believe and hope that they feel that increase of love on the other side.
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    My wife went to heaven on January 17, 2011. We had 39 years together. I thank God for that time. She had come home to hospice after many years of illness (in and out of hospital.) She was the love of my life and I did not realize how much of my life was all about her. Losing her was (is) like losing a part of Myself! I even miss taking care of her. She came home from the hospital to hospice on December 24, 2010 and even then I felt we would have more time together.

    I have had counseling and attended numerous GriefShare programs. I now am in charge of GriefShare at my church. I would recommend it to all who have suffered a loss. In leading GriefShare I am continually getting support, but will not have GriefShare starting again at my church until April due to the church having a program on finances. Our pastor feels strongly about the financial program and in urging attendance has cancelled some of our programs, GriefShare being one of them. I will probably look for GriefShare at another church after the first of the year when more start.

    I have come to be closer to God as a result of all of the above. I attend BSF as well as other Bible studies and have been reading my Bible to study and praying to God!

    The part of grief that has hung on is a desire to sleep my life away. My day sometimes start at noon.
  8. I'll try to remember that grief is the price of love. Rick passed on 12/19/16. I can't make sense of anything , my heart beats faster, the pain in my hear is real, hurts and I'm lost.