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    My sister went missing mid August of this year. She most likely left on her own with no car or money as she was trying to get closer to God and trying to live a more primal life according to my parents. The police have been looking for her since it was reported back then but so far they haven't found anything. I've tried to find resources to cope with this sort of loss and most say this is one of the hardest and known as an "ambiguous loss" because there's no closure. I just want to know that she's doing fine at the very least but it hurts to not have that information and have my mind wander into various possibilities. This is one of those losses that does not get better with time and everyday on my way to work, I find myself crying hysterically because that's the only time I have to grieve. I haven't been able to socialize because I'm afraid of people asking me for updates or what happened and it's just such a tender topic for me. I tend to cry almost out of nowhere at times.

    The worst part of this is having dreams that she came back home and my family and I were so happy. It really hurts to wake up from those dreams and realize that's not my reality. I really don't know how to go about how I'm feeling. I don't want my fiance to have to deal with my sad mood all the time and it's difficult talking to anyone who isn't going through this because it feels like nothing anyone says or does can make me feel better unless it's news about my sister's whereabouts. If anyone has a resource out there for this kind of loss or a support group for something similar, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it.