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Discussion in 'Loss of Sibling' started by Sky64, Nov 22, 2022.

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    My sister was killed in a head on collision 4 days ago. I'm devastated. I'm lost. I'm acting out in some of the most destructive ways. I'm scaring my roommate to the point where she doesn't know what to do with me either. I have a friend that sent me a link to this website.

    Today was her funeral but I was too wasted to attend. I'd rather not see all our friends and family. They can't help me either.

    Help... seems like a weighted question at this point. What does help look like? Where do i start? I want to sleep. Bury myself in my bed and wait. Wait til I want to see the sun. Wait til i want to breathe in fresh air. I can't seem to breathe. I haven't eaten in 3 days. Whisky helps with that. Perhaps I'll be better next week. Maybe i'll never recover. I'm not suicidal. But I don't want to live. Does that make sense?
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    I understand completely. I am sorry for your pain and your loss. There will come a day when you will be functioning better than you are now, believe it or not. So take care of your health. Eat healthy, drink water, take a walk even if it is very, very short. Fresh air helps the body heal. You have suffered a terrible shock-so unexpected. It will take time to even accept the fact that this terrible thing has happened to you. We always think it will be someone else. We never ever expected it to happen to us. To be honest with you, God is the only one who can pull you through this and help you move forward. Cry out to Him and be honest with Him about how you really feel. You need the strength that only he can give. Be patient and kind to yourself. Only those who have experienced such an awful loss like this will be able to understand. Stay in touch here. We care about you.