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  1. I lost my Dad 2 years ago from lung cancer, my only Parent of 38 years. He was my best friend. We had a wedding planned during Covid and all he wanted to do was make it for the wedding which he did and he looked the absolute best he ever did in the 2 years of battling cancer.

    I dont want to sound like a lunatic here.. but the only thing that has gotten me through this grief is being open and looking for signs..I can honestly say that I have had some of the most baffling , mostly cardinal signs that have been incredible from my Dad directly. I just know it because I can't make these stories up.

    The very first sign was on January 1st 2021. We found my Dad within the hour of passing on the morning of 12/24. It was traumatic.

    January 1st.. my Husband and I went to a remote local forest for a hike, no one was around. It was freezing, no animals, birds nothing.

    We first walk down this beautiful long path which lead to a body of water. The lake was so beautiful and completely flat, enough where I took my phone out to take a picture of the entire setting. Camera in hand, I turn around after taking the picture to start walking.. there it is.. 1 single red cardinal sitting on a branch- only in my view. Staring back at ME. My husband couldn't even see it in the view..it stayed there long enough for me to take 2 pictures. It was IMMEDIATE relief. He made it and he was telling me he was ok. We finished the hike and I can honestly say I didn't see any other birds anywhere in the forest. I'd love to post more stories...

    What about you? Has anyone else had any signs?
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  2. Here are the pictures of that day

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    Beautiful, I too have had many signs from my dad who passed suddenly in February 2022. Many are hard to even put into words. I’m happy that you posted this because I haven’t put these on paper yet and I need to so that I don’t forget. So thank you for sharing!

    A few days after he passed I was just falling asleep and I kept feeling as if someone was sitting at the foot of my bed. As a kid he would always wake me up in the morning by pulling on my toes. When we were in the hospital saying our goodbyes and he had no more brain function (massive stroke), I pulled at his toes and told him to please always watch over us and said I got your toes hehe, like he always said to me as a kid. While I didn’t feel anyone pulling at my toes, I knew he was there but I couldn’t seem to wake myself up yet I was awake like sleep paralysis.

    I went to spread some of his ashes on one of his favorite piers at a place where he cherished many memories. I hung out there for about two hours and it was a windy day. The moment I finally decided to spread some in the water the wind completely stopped. I had a few close friends with we and we were all dumbfounded. I spread some ashes in the water and they didn’t move, for about 2-3 minutes they sat there and then the wind started again. I know my dad was there with us.

    He absolutely loved the beach and my husband and kids and I were on a beach trip. I asked him to give me a sign because I knew he would want to be there. We worked together before his passing and had shared files through OneDrive which only he and I had access to. I know for certain because it was a personal account and I had changed all passwords and logged out of all devices. At about 2 am then next morning I got a notification that he (his name) had made changes to one of our shared spreadsheets. It’s set to alert you when the other person makes a change to a file.

    He was a lover of music and many, many times while I’ve been home alone working in complete silence, music will just turn on a random song on the dot that I had taken from his room after he passed.

    I went to see a medium and as I sat in her chair the lights started flickering.

    I welcome these signs but I always tell him, I love that’s he’s with me but please just don’t scare the heck out of me. They are very comforting and amazing.