Prayers Needed for Patti

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    I talked to Patti tonight. She hasn't been feeling well. She asked me to ask our GIC "family" to pray for her. Patti is very weak and tired. She didn't sound good over the phone. I'm very worried about her, but she said that she's lived a good life, and is ready to leave earth whenever God calls her home.

    Her blood pressure is way too high and she has chest pain. She has had issues with her blood pressure for a long time, but every medication she has been given so far, has made her sick. She saw a cardiologist this morning. He gave her a different blood pressure medication. It will take about one week before it kicks in. This medication should help with chest pain too.

    The cardiologist also gave her a monitor to wear for one week. After one week, she has to mail it back to him. She has a follow up appointment in one month, but depending on the results, she could get a call to return to his office much sooner. He said that there is a possibility she might need a pacemaker. Patti let her daughter know her wishes. She doesn't want a pacemaker. She is ready to go to heaven whenever God decides it's time.

    Patti had an amazing experience today which she wants me to share with everyone. After her appointment was over, she and her daughter stopped at the front desk, and Patti gave the woman behind it, her name. She asked the woman to tell her previous cardiologist, who retired last fall, that she said "hi." Patti asked how he is doing and was glad to hear he's enjoying his retirement.

    After stopping at the front desk, since they were on the fourth floor, Patti and her daughter, walked down a long corridor, to get to the elevator. Before they could get in the elevator, Patti heard someone softly calling her name, "Patti, Patti, Patti." Patti turned around, and a woman, who looked like she is in her forties, said to Patti, " I want you to have this," as she was taking a bracelet off of her wrist. Patti said, "but this is yours." The woman put a beautiful, silver colored bracelet, with three nice stones, on Patti's left wrist. Then she walked back down the long corridor. While this was happening, Patti's daughter was holding the elevator open with one foot. After witnessing what happened, she said to her mother that "there must be angels on earth."

    Patti had never seen this woman before. Patti's daughter saw her standing near them while they were at the front desk. She thinks this might be the reason the woman knew Patti's name. However, Patti told me that when Jack was very sick and needed her, he would call her name softly three times, saying "Patti, Patti, Patti," just like this woman did. Patti believes this woman is somehow connected to Jack, that Jack had something to do with this. There really isn't any other explanation for this over the top amazing experience.

    I'm teary eyed as I'm "talking" to everyone... It's heartbreaking knowing she's so tired, weak, and in pain. Please keep Patti in your thoughts and prayers...

    As always, sending everyone lots of hugs and love, wishing you peace. DEB
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    Sending up prayers for Patti. Praying the experience she had gives her strength.
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    Sending hugs and prayers to Patti.

    Deb, please can you tell Patti that my mother and father have both had pacemakers implanted and they have both found this very beneficial. It's a personal choice of course, I don't wish to advise or suggest, against someone's will, I'm just sharing my own family experience. My mother just turned 85, she's had hers for over ten years, my father is 89 and he only had his pacemaker implanted a year and a half ago. They're both doing fine, taking meds for many other health issues too. Hypertension is hereditary unfortunately, I have that too and I take two types of pills daily, keeping it under control.

    Patti,we are all with you. Hoping to hear from you soon.
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    DEB, thank you for keeping in contact with
    Patti. She was the first person to welcome & comfort me, along with Karen, when I
    joined GIC in July, 2021. I knew something
    was wrong when we hadn't heard from her
    in a long time. She has a strong belief in
    God, and that her spirit will be reunited
    with Jack. I will pray for her, of course. It is
    her decision whether to have a pacemaker,
    but, as Rose says, it will extend her life, if
    she so chooses. On a side note, DEB, I must
    say that your story of the angel is
    beautifully written. You may not realize it,
    but you have a gift for words, Thank you.
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    It's wonderful to hear that both of your parents are doing well after having pacemakers implanted. For your parents, this was the right choice. They have been given the gift of more time on earth, to spend with each other, and with you, and your children, to continue doing the things that matter most to them. This has been a blessing for them.

    As you and Lou both said, whether or not to have a pacemaker implanted is a personal choice. Patti knows she would most likely live longer with a pacemaker, but doesn't want to do anything to prolong her life. She told me that she has had a good life, and is grateful to God for letting her be here to take care of Jack for all those years. Patti is living the rest of her life on her terms, and is at peace with her decision.

    Patti is one of the strongest, most caring and loving person's, I know. Although she hasn't been able to visit GIC very often, she always asks me how everyone is doing, and continues to keep all of us in her daily prayers.

    I will let her know that TGW are praying for her. I know she will be very grateful.

    I'm so glad that you're able to keep hypertension under control with medications. I believe C knows this, and that by taking such good care of yourself, you've made him very happy. It is so important to do whatever we can, to take the very best care of ourselves, physically, and emotionally, TUTTAM!!!

    As always, sending you lots of hugs and love, wishing you peace, all of us peace. DEB & Skye
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    Patti's strong belief in God carries her through each and every day. I know it will mean the world to her knowing that you, and our GIC "family," are praying for her. Although I'm struggling with this very sad news, Patti is at peace. For this, I'm over the top grateful. I will continue to support her in every way I can in the days ahead.

    Thank you for saying that I have a "gift for words," but I tried to tell her story the way Patti told it to me. I hope I wrote it, the way she would have written it. I feel honored that she chose me to tell her story, and it's so important to me, TUTTAM!!! that I got it right.

    As always, sending you lots of hugs and love, wishing you peace, all of us peace, all the way from TUTTAMVILLE, DEB & Skye
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    DEB, when I first "met"you, I remember
    that you had difficulty accepting
    compliments. It's way past time to accept
    them now! I read about an actor who had
    rave reviews, but obsessed about the one
    bad one. I was like that, too, until I started
    dancing, and got confidence in myself. You
    have been through much physical pain
    since the emotional trauma as a result of your dear Bob's death. I know we call George the Ultimate Grief Warrior, but,
    in my book, you are too. Lou T.
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    Thank you Deb. I'm so glad for Patti that she has a wonderful "confidante" like you.
    I'm sending renewed hugs, prayers and well-wishes to Patti, and a huge virtual hug to you too, Deb ,
    and to your lovely Skye.

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    You're making me teary eyed but, and this is another one of those really BIG!!! BUTS!!!, only in the very best of ways... Love you Lobster Lou, but, and this is another one of those really BIG!!! BUTS!!!, NOT!!! in any sort of "creepy" way, as you would say.

    Sending lots of hugs and love, wishing you peace, all of us peace. DEB & Skye
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    Thank you for sending more hugs, prayers and well-wishes to Patti. I believe she can feel all those positive vibes and hugs, and I know all of our prayers are being heard...

    A great BIG!!! thank you for sending me a huge virtual hug. Hugs are one thing I can never get enough of!!!, TUTTAM!!!

    As always, sending you lots of hugs, and love, wishing you peace, all of us peace. DEB & Skye
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    Debsterino, I love you, too, and not in a
    "creepy " way. If I do get involved with
    another woman, with her own place,
    who would enjoy dancing with me, walking along the ocean, sharing a meal,
    maybe a hug ( like my dance partner
    friends), I would want her to be as warm.
    compassionate, bright, and funny as you.
    You are one of the reasons I stayed on
    GIC. Someday , if you ever travel north
    to visit me, I'd like to take you dancing.
    As I told Gary , it's where I DMSO
    ( Dance My Sad Off), much to his
    amusement. Lou Lobsterino
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    Patti asked me to post the above picture of bracelet she received.

    I did it!!!, !!! A first!!! I’m now officially a little less technically challenged!!!, TUTTAM!!!

    As always, sending everyone lots of & ❤️, wishing you peace, all the way from TUTTAMVILLE.
    Debanator & Skye Queen
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    Debanator from TUTTAMVILLE, you rock,
    with your technological advance. Recently,
    one of my female dance partners had
    taken photos of my group of friends, and
    transferred them to my phone. Now, I
    can have them in my gallery, look at them
    whenever I want to smile, and text them
    to my friends. Sorry, don't know how to
    send photos, or videos, to GIC, like some
    other members, including you do, now !
    Lou T.
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