One Month Today - My 21 Year Old Daughter

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Myias1, Nov 4, 2021.

  1. Myias1

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    Today marks one month since the death of my only child Myia.

    She was well and then started getting pains in her joints and fevers.

    Six weeks later and after a condition called HLH absolutely ravaged her body in ICU she died due to fungal infection. She fought so hard and is without doubt the bravest human I will ever know.

    I was a single parent with Myia since she was one and we were a real team.

    I have constant headaches, i can't concentrate or talk.

    All i want to do is be with her

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  2. Ann N.

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    I know this must be the worst holiday season of your life. I'm so sorry. I understand your feelings, without fail.
  3. Paula kemp

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    My son Chayse was in a car accident on October 3rd. He was training to become an Army Ranger. He was in the best shape of his life and super excited for the next chapter in his life. We were all getting ready to let him go and knew he might be gone for a long time. I still cant believe he is gone forever. I suffer with rage! I luckily have 2 other grown children and 4 grandkids that help to keep me here. I understand your wish to join your daughter but is that what she would want for you to do? I say the same thing to myself. “What would Chayse say about that?!”
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  4. Chris M 2000

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    Dearest Paula, I agree. I knew the only way I would ever see my Shawn again was to forgive everyone and just wait for the day we would be reunited.
    You are blessed to have other children and grandchildren to keep you distracted at times from your terrible loss.
    Thank you for trying to support and encourage someone else on here when you are in your greatest hour of need.
    We care about you and we care about each other. The best we can do or offer is to support each other during these most difficult times.