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Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Nancy Thornton, Nov 10, 2016.

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    March 23, 2001, my 26 year old son died from a complication from a prescription he had been given a week prior. Now, on October 12, my daughter died at age 43 after a 4 year battle with Vasculitis. My world feels so empty and to think I'll never hear the word "mom" again is overwhelming. I thank God for a loving and supportive husband but the void in my life is so unbearable. Having traveled this journey through grief before, I know it takes time but the frustration of dealing with people who have never lost a child much less 2, just don't understand. Family, particularly, are the most difficult for me. It's not something we will ever "get over."
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    I understand Nancy.the pain is unbearable
    I know I lost 2 sons within a year.i have no interest no motivation no nothing..I do have 2 daughters and grandchildren. But I will always miss my son's. And im scared something will happen to them..I will pray for you and your husband.i don't know how long grief goes on I'm thinking forever.no one what's to be in pain sometimes I wish God would take me but I think of my girls ..xo
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    I know exactly how you feel. I wonder all the time why not me !!!! People say all the time he would not want you to be sad he is in a better place . No I say he would want to be here with me . I know when they shot him he was calling out for me !!!! He was my only child. I lost him 9-20-2012 he was layed to rest on my birthday. He was 25 yrs old . It seems like yesterday. I Don't know how to move on !!!!! I tried going to meetings it did not work so l pray for strength to make it through another day. Every day I ask is this the day I will lose my mind ?? I still to this day I can't look at his picture just pray !!!!!!
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    My hearth goes out to you Katie. I know and I feel your pain . Of lost . I lost my only son my only child . By praying for strength is the only way I make through another day . I lost him 09- 20-2012 he was layed to rest the day after my birthday 09 28-2012 it's hard to hear when someone wishes me happy birthday to this day I don't celebrate it . And the killers to this day haven't been caught !!!!! There will never be closure weather they are caught are not .katie every day is a struggle !!! But all we got is prayers !!! And trust in the lord that he wont forsaken us . Keep praying Katie !!!!!
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    My first post here. I lost my youngest son in January 2014 to anaphylactic shock, an allergic reaction to an over-the-counter medication. He was 28 and played fast and loose with his health. My oldest son passed 8/16 from a massive heart attack without any real symptoms. He was 33 and had a 1 year-old son. Ironically his birthday was November 10, the day you posted.

    My personal favorite things said to me were, "Are you ok" or "It must have been God's will". The reply in my head included lots of profanity. I started to post on Facebook about what you should and should not say to someone who is grieving. Actually it was well received because people really do not know what to say. My best advice was to say, "I am sorry for your loss", and then listen if we want to talk. And instead of telling us to call if we need anything, just pick something and do it. Because we do not know what we need except our loved one back.

    Don't lose faith.
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    Hi Kathy, thank you for your post and for your insight. Helping people understand how to help you is sometimes the only way we can get the help we need! It's not always easy and it would be nice if people just knew what to say or do, but most of the time they don't. Educating those around you is a great step...the other is joining a site or a group like this one, where you will only be connecting with those who understand because they've been through it. I hope it is a help and I'm glad you are here. Wishing you all the best~
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    I am so sorry, I am now childless too