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Discussion in 'Loss of Child' started by Angela martis, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Angela martis

    Angela martis New Member

    I lost my son few months before his third bday in a car accident. I miss him so much and I cry so hard and die inside more and more every day
  2. Laura D.

    Laura D. New Member

    So sorry for your loss. I just lost my precious 12 yr old grandson 8/28/16 to a tragic accident with a gun. I miss him so much he was Granny's buddy. I am here if you need a shoulder.
  3. Jamie Lewis

    Jamie Lewis New Member

    Hi ? I know your pain and it cuts like a knife. Only thing that gets me through the day is prayers for strength. I lost my only son my only child. 9-20-2012 and it feels like hours ago .and was layed to rest the day after my birthday. I don't celebrate it . To Hard !! I pray that one day I could look @ his picture. Right now I can't. Just pray for strength
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  4. PhyllisG

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    Jamie, you are in my prayers and you will find strength and some peace in knowing that your precious boy was chosen to join God's angels who watch over each and every one of us. I have pictures of my Joey (he was also my only child) all around me. Sometimes they make me sad and teary, but over time I have been able to look at them and smile while thinking of all the wonderful memories I have. I will continue to pray for you to find peace. Love and hugs.
  5. Lady P

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  6. Lady P

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    Hello Everyone I am new to this so please bare with me, On Feb 2,2017 at 11:39 my 21 year old son was killed by some stupid kid because he wanted to rob him somhe shot my son twicw and his child hood friend that he grew up with since he was young..My Son Frankie was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it's killing me inside everyday..i have no desire to live and laugh like I use to I don't know how to get a grip I feel like I'm losing it...EASE HELP ME
  7. griefic

    griefic Administrator Staff Member

    Lady P, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. What a terrible and senseless tragedy. I think what you're experiencing...that you're "losing it" and having "no desire to live and laugh" like you used to is so very common, especially in the very early days of a loss (and yes here we consider the early "days" of loss to actually be several months or more). There was no time to prepare, and there is nothing that can bring us to accept the finality of a loss like this. If it's any comfort, I can tell you that you're exactly where you're supposed to be. As wrong, and as awful, and as horrible as it is to be feeling all of it....it is totally "normal" to be feeling this way after a loss like the one you've had. You're going to find that few things help to make you feel better, despite the attempts perhaps of friends and family around you. What I have seen help people is to connect with those who have had a similar loss. Because they are the only ones that understand the depth of the pain, the numbness, and the anger. I am glad you have found our site and I hope we can be a help to you here. Please take care~
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  8. Lady P

    Lady P New Member

    Thank you and I hope so too
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  9. Kerri Leigh

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    Im terribly sorry for your losses! It breaks my heart more every time I hear about the death of a child. I struggle everyday with my faith in God because not only did he take ONE of my children he took TWO of my children on the same day. And I never stop asking ....Why???
  10. Lupe

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    Hello I lost my 17 yr old son it was a homicide.. he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.. my heart turn black..I have a 6 yr old that I have to be strong for and is really hard
  11. Lupe

    Lupe Member

    I just lost my 17 yr old son and I ask why every day it hurts and I know is not going to get any better..