My son was beaten, burned, and drowned

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    Dec. 6 2019 I got a call around 12:30 am from a friend asking if I would be able to come over, she said my son was there and needed to go to the hospital. After taking him to the hospital earlier in the week for an ingrown toenail, I didnt get into any hurry about getting there. I got there about 1am he was laying there on a bed but I I couldn't tell what the problem was. It looked like he was just passed out only he wasnt waking up. I called the ambulance. When they arrived they checked his vitals but he was unresponsive. They loaded him on a gerny and into the ambulance he went. They told me to give them a few minute head start, so I did.
    When I arrived at the hospital the doctors and some detectives were waiting for me. They didnt take me to my sons room, instead they took me to another room and shut the door. I was already terrified. The first thing he said was "its bad". I instantly broke down. He then asked me what I wanted to do. "About what" I said. He said he had severe brain trauma and swelling. He said I had one of two choices, either they could do surgery to stop the bleeding and remove a piece of his skull to give his brain room to swell or just make him comfortable. Either way the outcome would be the same. Those were the worse words I had ever heard. Of course I said to do they surgery. Whatever chance there was I wanted to take it.
    After surgery his sister grandmother his father and myself just waited.
    Hours went by and and still no response.
    Finally the doctor said he was sorry but it wasnt working. I was then having to make the decision to stop the machine. The hardest decision of my life. My daughter and I said good bye and left his dad there with him till his last breath.
    The worst part was finding out why it happened. He became a member of the UAB's while he was in prison. Apparently some of his so called brothers were taking him to what they call "court" as a disciplinary action. The idea is to get an ass whipping to teach you a lesson. He didnt get the ass whipping, instead he gave two of them the ass whipping, then he ran.
    When he ran they decided he needed more so they chased him. They caught him and took him to a place where they tried to burn a tattoo (gang affiliation patch) off of his shoulder with a blow torch. He was hit in the head with a baseball bat knocked unconscious and thrown into a pond face down. He was in the water too long and drowned. Even if he would have survived he would have never been the same.