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    Still doesn't feel real that my mom passed away on December 16th. Right before Christmas too.. I'm waiting for things to feel real but they just arent.

    She was diagnosed stage 4 colorectal cancer last November and given 6 to 9 months if nothing was done. She tried treatment but ended up in hospital last Christmas and due to complications with treatment it didnt go well. She ended up being fine from January until November not being on anything... and it almost felt like nothing was wrong. Then things slowly started deteriorating.. and on December 13th was admitted to palliative care and she passed on the 16th. Just seems so fast. And seems like it isnt real.. I'm waiting for things to hit me, but it's been a week and a half and it hasn't
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    Sorry to hear about your mother. You are probably still in shock. The same thing happened to me when my mother died suddenly in May.
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    I know how you feel I’m still in shock my mother died August 20 and the way she died was not in the way that she lived she was an 80-year-old crossing guard and On January 8 of last year she was hit by a car and because of that car accident that brought on complication she was in comas soon bleeding on the brain 7 hospitals and at one time there was a ray of light we thought she was getting better and then it took a turn for the worse supposedly the part of her brain that was injured cause seizures and after April 23 my mother was put in a medically induced coma just so the seizures would stop and she never was the same after day i’m trying to go on but I feel so lost and empty my mom was my best friend I talk to her all the time and I’m tired of people saying oh I understand when they really don’t I just wish they would say I’m sorry that’s it don’t try to make small talk and tell me they know how I feel when their mom is alive and living and they can pick up the phone and talk to her at all times
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    So sorry to hear about your mom. It may be some time before the gravity of it all hits you. I think initially after my mom passed I just tricked myself into believing that she was somewhere where I just couldn't talk to her. I couldn't wrap my mind around it being permanent. There's so much I still want to tell her, and there's even times where after something celebratory happens, my mind's first thought is "I need to tell my mom". I think at first your brain just can't let you fully experience the brunt of it because it's so awful. Just be patient with yourself, and take things a day at a time, or even a few moments at a time.
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    I just lost my Mom & I am feeling the same way. I constantly think of something I want to share with her. I still find myself looking for something she would enjoy when I am grocery shopping. We were so close. She was my best friend. She fell a few months ago, but seemed to be doing better. Then she develop CHF & she passed in about two weeks. I am still shocked. Sometimes it just seems like a bad dream & I am numb. I am so sorry for your loss.
  6. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I know and can relate to what you are feeling. I lost my mother on March 6 of this year.
    I have been knocked down and having such a terrible time getting up.
    I am in shear agony and so lost. She was my best friend and my world. I feel your loss. I’m so sorry.
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    Hi! I am so sorry for your loss. It is rough. I can feel your pain. I still feel numb a lot & still crying so much. I took an online grief course that helped & am reading books about grief. It is hard to concentrate & stay focused for very long. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers. Thanks so much for your message. I really appreciate it. I was so very blessed to have a wonderful Mom, but it is so painful when you lose them. I know I will always miss her, but right now it is so very hard knowing she is gone. Take care,
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    Hi. I am terribly sorry for your loss. My beloved mother passed away Feb 8 of this year from stage 4 lymphoma that was diagnosed right after Christmas 2018. Her unconditional love for my sister and I is something that has helped us succeed in life in more ways than one and she will be in our hearts for eternity. Love is stronger than death. I live in Nashville, TN. Where is everybody here from?
  9. Hello. So sorry. I never saw these posts. I am from Austin Texas. Hope you are doing well. I have not recovered from this at all. I am completely lost and have no will to go on. All I want is to be with my mother. I miss her so much.
  10. My mother had CHF too. She battled with that and COPD, as well as heart conditions. The past four years have been a slow down hill decline. I am completely devastated. Time has not healed. I am completely lost and don’t have any desire to be in this world anymore. My mother was my life. Literally. She and I were inseparable my entire life. I have no will left and just want to be with her. I am in hell.
  11. I wish I could say that time has made it easier. It hasn’t.
  12. My heart is breaking for what your mother went through. That is absolutely horrible!! I am so incredibly sorry for your loss! I can say that I DO know what you are going through!! I am in shear agony!! And no one in my life seems to understand why I feel this way nor care!! It is the single most devastating experience ever!! I don’t want to live without my beautiful mother. My life is over.
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    It has been four months since I lost my wonderful Mom. We were so close, best friends & she was always there for me. It still doesn't seem real that she is gone. Each holidays is a new grief trigger. It helps having others that understand, but it hurts to know someone else is going through the terrible loss & grief. My Mom was someone I could talk to about anything. Melissa I can feel for you & I understand. I keep thinking it is supposed to get better, but still have so many grief triggers & tears. Guadalupe, I am so sorry for your loss & what you are going through. Will keep you in my thoughts & prayers,
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    I’m in tune with the emotional roller coaster of grief. I lost my mom suddenly 17 months ago and I’ve not been the same since. A part of me died the moment my beautiful mother took her last breath. I’ve never felt such an aching pain & hurt before. It’s like waves crashing on the rocks. I know that nobody will ever love me like my mom did. It haunts me to know that I’ll never see her again. Missing her hasn’t become easier for me.
    I’m deeply sorry for your loss sweetie. I’m here if you need to talk.