My First Mother's Day Without my son

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Nomoore, May 8, 2022.

  1. Nomoore

    Nomoore New Member

    It us after 3:00 AM Mother's Day. My son was killed by a semi Oxt 2021. Healthy, clear day, and he is gone.

    Today is Mother's Day and I so sad.
  2. Alexilyn

    Alexilyn New Member

    I know this kind of loss-to me it is the worst ~no doubt.
    How old was your son?
  3. Chris M 2000

    Chris M 2000 Well-Known Member

    What a terrible unexpected tragedy. It is hard to imagine this has really happened, isn't it.
    What is your son's name? I am very sorry about your loss. You are carrying a very heavy burden. Of course you are so sad. That is normal. You have had a part of yourself removed and just like surgery it will take time to begin feeling better again.
    Please stay in contact here. People here understand because we are all going through tragedies that we never imagined for ourself. We want to be a support to you in any way we can.
    Please continue to share your feelings as you feel led. It helps to talk with someone who can understand what a huge loss this is to you.
    I care about you, friend.
  4. Nomoore

    Nomoore New Member

    He was 47
  5. Nomoore

    Nomoore New Member

    Thank you.
    It's getting close to a year. Real anxiety. I'm trying to plan something to do on that day
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  6. Chris M 2000

    Chris M 2000 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a very good idea.