My Father was a retired minister for the UCC for 34 years and passed away over Christmas Season 2021

Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by abeautifultomorrow, Mar 21, 2022.

  1. abeautifultomorrow

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    I wrote a song for my Dad and anyone else that lost their father called "Dear Daddy" it has helped me deal with the grief the song is here Thanks Marky
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  2. Olive

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    Beautiful song. My father was also named Michael. He will always be with you, and you always with him.
  3. abeautifultomorrow

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    Thanks so much for the comment. May you find peace in your grief. I am glad you like the song. Marky artist name A Beautiful Tomorrow
  4. Patti 61

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    Dear Marky, thank you for sharing, and singing
    Beautiful song in tribute to your Dear Daddy,
    I listened to it twice, tears flowing of
    ‘HappyMemories of my Papa’ you are a Blessing
    to you’re parents. I lost my Dear Papa, Mama, my
    Brother wife, few years prior to loosing my beloved
    sHusband ( 61 years Blessed in marriage). My
    Brother was laid to rest, the day and time God called
    my husband to be with HIM in Heaven.
    God is our strength through all time.
    Keep writing, singing,Forever “let you’re light continue
    to always SHINE BRIGHTLY”.
    Blessings, Patti
  5. abeautifultomorrow

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    Thanks Patti for your wonderful words about my song and being a blessing to my parents. i don't always feel like I have been. But thanks. You can download Dear Daddy for free at my website here https://abeautifultomorrowmusic.com/ Thanks again. Marky