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    My dad passed away on May 28, 2021. His name was FrankM. Ferenczy.He was 94 years old. I lived with both of my parents for the last 20 years taking care of them. Mom is still alive and living with me. My dad was sharp and could carry a conversation until the last week when he did not know any of us and could not speak. I miss him every moment of every day. He loved to go to Amish country in southern Ohio and his favorite restaurant was Longhorn. He was put into Hospice on May 24 when he developed pneumonia and stopped eating. On May 28 my mom was the only one in the room holding his hand as he passed away. I miss you dad, I love you. This was the first Father's day without him. Life is so sad and the days,ard so long without dad. Life is very painful.
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    I know exactly how you feel. I lost my Dad just two years ago, June 3, 2019.

    I was Daddy’s girl and the oldest of five siblings. I was blessed with having him as my Dad the longest.

    My Dad, Hector was also in hospice care at home. It came on gradually that he stopped talking, eating and even opening his eyes. I just couldn’t wake him anymore. When he left, I thought about leaving too. I thought and felt I wouldn’t be able to function, live, breathe! I just missed calling or visiting everyday. If I didn’t call fast enough, he’d be calling me. He’d ask if I needed anything, if I needed lunch money for work.

    Although I’m married, I’d still call him for advice on buying a car, house, etc. I still go to the cemetery a few days a week. At first, I felt that I couldn’t leave because he’d be alone there, then if I didn’t go, I felt that he was waiting for me.

    My heart hurts everyday! Life is just not fair!
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    I’m so sorry for your loss - I list my dad in April and I’m a freekin mess